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Orca Grow Film

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  • The most highly reflective sheeting available on the market
  • 100% light tight - completely prevents light leaks from your grow-space
  • 94% reflectivity across the whole visible light spectrum
  • Microfibre technology produces true diffuse reflection
  • Thick, tough and crease-resistant
  • Drastically reduces hot-spots compared to mylar or PET-coated reflective sheeting
  • Reflects light evenly, regardless of angle
  • No colour-shift or iridescence of the reflected light

Beware of killer yields!!!

Orca Grow Film quite rightly comes with a warning – “beware of killer yields!”. Orca Grow Film is simply the highest performing reflective sheeting in the grow-industry. Don’t waste any of the light from your grow-lamp, use the most efficient reflective sheeting available today - Orca Grow Film!

How Orca Grow Film Works:

Orca Grow Film is completely different to other types of reflective sheeting on the market. Orca Grow Film is matt-white and is made from threads of a high-density specialised plastic which are bonded together creating a unique surface. The microscopic fibres diffuse light across the surface of the film very efficiently, creating an amazingly even and bright “glow”. Because the light is reflected so evenly, hot-spots caused by reflected light are completely eliminated. Orca Grow Film reflects more light than other reflective sheetings and does not alter the wavelength of the light it reflects. As an added bonus, Orca Grow Film is 100% light-tight and can be used to prevent light leaks from your grow-space. Quite literally a brilliant product!

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Please note: In order to keep the delivery cost to you down to a minimum, this item may be taken off the roll and loosely folded to fit into our packaging.

How to use Orca Grow Film:

Orca Grow Film is a matt-white, fibrous and porous reflective sheeting for use hanging around your grow-space to reflect light from the grow-lamp back into the garden. Orca Grow Film can be hung around your grow-space and indeed anywhere in your grow-room – on walls, even on the ceiling, in fact anywhere that light needs to be reflected back towards the garden. Orca Grow Film can also be used over windows etc. to prevent light escaping from your grow-room. Orca Grow film benefits from being hung as flat as possible but it is less affected by rucks and creases than other reflective sheetings. Orca Grow Film is also very tough - a useful characteristic in a hard-working grow-room!


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