Ora - Reverse Osmosis System - 1700 Litres / day

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  • Purified water flow is 1.2 litres per minute (1728 litres per day)
  • 4 unique filter cartridges
  • Easy to read digital display, highlights each filters usable life and indicates when replacements are required
  • Simple click and fit installation
  • Incredibly compact design

Purifies Water, Removing Chemicals and Dissolved Minerals

Ora reverse osmosis systems remove chemicals and contaminants, along with 99% of the mineral salts that contribute to the hardness of your water. The water this system produces is ideal for use with humidifiers & misters, as it leaves no powdery residues behind, preserving the integrity of your equipment.

Removes salts, heavy metals, chloramines, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, sediment, dirt, rust, oxidation, herbicides, pesticides, volatile organic contaminants, benzenes, toluene, oils, THMs, detergents, PCBs.

How the Ora Reverse Osmosis System Works

The filtration system works by passing normal tap water through 4 unique filters, stage 1 is a polypropylene pre-filter, stage 2 is a block carbon filter, stage 3 is an RO membrane filter and the final stage is a post active carbon filter. These filters will remove chemicals, contaminants and upto 99% of mineral salts that contribute to the hardness of water. So you're left with only clean, pH neutral water that is ideal for use with everything from humidifiers to hydroponic systems. The processsed water produces no powdery residue, which helps to protect your equipment. The easy to read digital display will also tell you when the included filters need replacing. When the time comes to replace the filters, simply remove the top of the unit and twist the handles on the filters counter-clockwise to unlock and remove them.


1 x Ora four stage reverse osmosis filtration system with 4 filter cartridges.

How to Use the Ora Reverse Osmosis System

The Ora reverse osmosis filtration system comes with everything needed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Included in the box are three different lengths of pipework, each colour coded for ease of use. Connect each of these to the corresponding connections on the back of the main filter unit. The white connection is for your main unfiltered water source coming into the unit, the blue connection is for the purified water that is coming out from the filtration system and the red connection is for the waste water which can be ran directly to a drain. Included in the is a 3-way ball valve, tap and adapter drain clamp.

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