ORA Dehumidifier 60L

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  • Covers an area up to 60m2
  • Can set your humidity between 35-80%
  • Automatically kicks back in after power outages
  • 6L tank which can be emptied OR you can use a hose for draining water
  • Dimmable display for easy use

Keep your humidity perfect with the ORA Dehumidifer

When you're in the flowering stage, it's vital that you keep your humidity bang on to avoid any loss to your harvest, helping you avoid rot.

The ORA Dehumidifier allows you to control the moisture levels in your air automatically, filtering your air in accordance to the humidity you've set using the digital display. With the ORA Dehumidifier, up to 60L of water can be processed per day (2.5L per hour at 80% Relative Humidity).

You can run the Ora Dehumidifier 24/7 with manual on / off points for additional control, OR, you can have it come on / off after it reaches its desired levels.

How ORA Dehumidifers Work

Getting your environmental parameters within optimal ranges is the key to successful growing. Relative humidity plays a huge role in dictating the growth rates of your plants. When humidity levels are too low, the rate of transpiration increases, causing the plant to lose too much water. Likewise, when humidity levels are too high, growth rates slow down dramatically, and the door is also opened up to an array of moisture-related issues, like powdery mildew and botrytis (rot). As plants reach their later stages, they can put a lot of water vapour into the surrounding atmosphere, and if humidity levels in the room are still too high, then you're going to need some extra help.

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x 1 ORA Dehumidifier & Accessories

Power Supply - AC220 - 240V / 50Hz / 1P

Dimensions - L33cm x W45cm x H60cm

Product Weight - 32kg empty

Simply plug your ORA Dehumidifer in and you're good to go. You can then set your ORA Dehumidifer accordingly to however you want it to run. Follow the instructional leaflet provided for a comprehensive guide to setting the ORA Dehumidifer up.

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