Oksinto Pro H420 Precision Trimming Scissors

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  • Made from quality Japanese Steel
  • Fine blades allow intricate trimming
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for comfort
  • Spring-loaded to reduce hand fatigue
  • Strong band holds the scissors closed for safety when not in use
  • The band doubles as a finger grip for greater ease of use
  • For a professional quality version of these scissors, see the Barnell Professional Trimming Scissors

Make Precision Trimming a Breeze with these Top-Quality Pruning Scissors

When it's harvest-time, there's nothing that makes life a bit easier than a decent pair of trimming scissors. These Oksinto 7" Trimmers feature comfortable handles, spring-loading and a finger-grip to reduce fatigue after long hours of use. On top of that, they are made from quality Japanese steel and the blades are fine enough to enable a very high standard of trim.

How the Oksinto Pro H420 Trimming Scissors Work

Harvesting fruit, veg and flowers usually means there's a lot of trimming of leaves etc. to be done. Having a good pair of trimmers makes the job a lot more tolerable. These Oksinto trimmers have been designed from the ground up to make harvesting a much more pleasurable activity. They feature comfortable handles, a finger grip, and spring-loading which all reduce hand fatigue. The blades are made from Japanese steel for strength and durability yet they are fine enough to allow excellent accuracy and to get in really close. Finally, once the trimming is done, the finger grip band holds the handles and the jaws the together for safety.

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1 x pair of Oksinto Pro H420 Trimming Scissors

How to use the Oksinto Pro H420 Trimming Scissors

To use, simply slide off the jaw-lock band at the bottom of the handles on the unattached side which will allow the jaws to open. The band can then be used as a finger grip to give extra security in the hand.

The blades are fine and sharp for easy, accurate trimming.

After use, simply slide the finger grip / jaw-lock band back over the unattached handle to keep the jaws closed for safety. 

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