Oksinto Pro H200 Ergonomic Pruning Shears

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  • Made from quality Japanese steel
  • Ergonomically designed to fit the shape of the hand for tire-free use
  • Spring-loaded for ease of use
  • Detachable finger grip gives even greater control and accuracy
  • Safety catch allows the jaws to be locked together safely when not in use

Possibly the most Comfortable Pruning Shears for Fatigue-Free Trimming

Hours of trimming can be hard on the hands. The Oksinto H200 Pruning Shears are all about making harvest day less wearing and more enjoyable. Part of the unusual design is that one of the handles is straight as normal, but the other is wider and curved so that it sits comfortably in the heel of the hand. It also incorporates a detachable finger ring which gives extra control and comfort.

How the Oksinto Pro H200 Trimming Shears work:

Hours of using trimming scissors can really take its toll on your hands. The Oksinto H200 Ergonomic trimming scissors have an innovative handle design which fits into the heel of the hand which greatly reduces hand strain. A detachable finger grip gives even greater control for really precise pruning of leaves and stalks. The shears themselves are made from Japanese steel for strength and durability. A safety catch allows the jaws of the scissors to be locked together for safety when not in use.

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1 x Oksinto Pro H200 Trimming/Pruning Shears

How to use the Oksinto Pro H200 Pruning Shears:

Using the Oksinto Pruning Shears is simple. Attch the finger grip to the raised rivet near the hinge and turn the safety catch clockwise a quarter turn to release the jaws and handles. Slide one finger into the finger grip and hold with the large curved handle in the heel of the hand. The trimmers can then be used to cut leaves, stalkes and stems with ease.

After use, the jaws can be locked together using the safety catch.

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