Soft Water Nutrients

Soft water areas lack the usable calcium and magnesium required by plants for optimal growth rates. Calcium helps to toughen up the walls and membranes of individual plant cells which, in turn, strengthens the entire plant structure. Calcium also helps plants to absorb and use other nutrients. Magnesium is a key component of chlorophyll, the green pigment that drives the process of photosynthesis, where light energy is used to extract carbon from the air. Put simply, without these two nutrients, your plants will never reach their full potential... Fortunately, we stock an array of base nutrients that are tailored specifically for the job, with formulations that will maximise plant growth in soft water areas.

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There's plenty to choose from with soft water offerings from the likes of Canna, Mills, Dutch Pro, Vitalink, Shogun, Hydrotops and more.