Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients spawned from its creator, Remo Colasanti, a world renown grower with two decades of experience helping people nail their crops with his nutrients. The range is designed to be simple and effective, and anybody can get up and running using Remo Nutrients. Remo nutrients is designed and created in British Columbia, Canada.

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Remo nutrients - Micro, Grow and Bloom

Remo nutrients micro, grow and bloom play a vital role in your feel schedule and form the base for the other nutrients to work their magic. Remo nutrients micro, grow and bloom are all created with pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide your plants with the best quality right the way from start to finish and are all full of essential vitamins for the complete feeding programme. Remo's micro is formulated to be used throughout the entire growth cycle, alongside equal parts of Remo Grow and Remo Bloom. Remo's micro, grow and bloom can be used in soil and hydroponic systems.

Remo nutrients - AstroFlower

AstroFlower is a highly potent source of Potassium and Phosphorous which is designed to compliment Remo nutrients Micro and Bloom during the flowering stages. It maximises fruit weight and development, increasing flavours and smells. These essential macrominerals push your quality up to the next level.

Remo Nutrients - Velokelp

Velokelp is packed full of vitamins, amino acids, marine extracts and seaweed extracts and is used the whole way through the plants cycle, including the propagation stages. During the manufacturing process, it's filtered so it can be used in any hydro system, alongside as a foliar spray.

During the propagation process, Velokelp acts as a rapid root growth supplement, providing your young plants with assisted uptake and resistance against any transplant shock.

During the vegetative stage it helps with the generation of new plant shoots, leading to bigger plants.

And during the flowering stages, it aids your plant absorption rates.

Remo Nutrients - Magnifical

Magnifical is a combined magnesium and calcium supplement which is super-chelated for quick uptake to your plants. It helps correct any deficiencies that are caused during the vegetive and flowering stages, alongside helping reduce stress and improving overall quality of your plants health.

Remo Nutrients - Nature's Candy

Using a unique blend of sugary carbohydrates and amino acids, Nature's Candy aids your beneficial bacteria during all stages of development. The sugar increases life around your root zone and promotes beneficial bacteria to thrive and flourish, giving your plant more growth and vigour. It's used during the flowering stages of growth, but also would do well during the veg stages to provide a food source for your plants.