Growth Technology Ionic nutrients have been around for quite a while and they are a superb choice for first-time growers. The 1-part nutrients make life really simple and there's versions for hydroponics (hydro), soil and coco. For best results don't forget to use Ionic PK-Boost in the middle of flowering as well. It will add weight and quality to your crop and it's worth every penny! Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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About Ionic Nutrients

Ionic Nutrients are made by Growth Technology, the makers of Clonex, Nitrozyme and Formulex. Growth technology are a British company, founded in 1985,  that make a big range of products including especially formulated nutrients for specific plant varieties. These include Orchids, Cacti, Citrus plants, Roses, Bonsai trees and more.

Ionic nutrients are ceated for the Hydro market. They are supremely economical, yet due to the decades of development, they are also highly effective.

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