Hydrotops began back in 1998 and was the very first U.K based nutrient company. Whilst their products have evolved over the last decade or so the end goal has always reamained the same: to produce high performance, bio-organic nutrients that deliver consistantly outstanding results for all growers, whether it be in hydro, coco or just plain soil. Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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About Hydrotops

Hydrotops have been making nutrients for the UK grower for quite a while. The nutrients have been created for UK water. They even go one step further and offer a service to formulate their nutrients for your own personal tap water. All we have to do is send them a sample of your tap water. As far as we know Hydrotops are the only company to do this.

With a very dedicated following by certain growers, most of them would say that once you have tried Hydrotops there's no going back!

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