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Genesis Formula

Genesis Nutrients (by Green Air products) are a 3-part nutrient line similar to the General Hydroponics (GH or GHE) nutrient line-up. Their products are proclaimed to be as good as or better than GH by a niche of old-school growers who really know their stuff! The 3-part nutrient can be mixed in different ratios to optimise each stage of the plant's life-span. Genesis nutrients are superb value and really get you the results! Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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About Genesis Nutrients

Genesis nutrients are produced by Green-Air products, and were designed as an alternative to the stalwart General Hydroponics nutrients. Genesis have an almost cult-like following among the growers that are "in the know".

The nutrients come in the form of a "mush" in the bottom of the bottles. This saves on transportation costs to keep the price as low as possible. When the grower gets it home they just need to mix the mush with warm water to achieve the original formulation.

The format is a 3-part nutrient consisting of "Grow", "Bloom, and "Micro". The ratios of the 3 can be adjusted through the grow to give the plants exactly what they need at every stage.

There is also a P/K booster and a fungal infection prevention product called Pro-tect.

Genesis nutrients are highly economical to use yet supremely effective.

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