Evoponic produce some of the most fascinating and helpful additives to assist growers to make the most of their hydroponics garden. For example, Elixir Steroids is the only additive we know of that contains Brassinosteroids - a health and yield booster found naturally in plants that really works. It even helps plants recover from diseases and pest attacks. Another Evoponic "first" is their Water Saver which can greatly reduce plant damage due to dry conditions.

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About Evoponic

Evoponic predominantly produce a wide range of innovative boosters and additives for the hydroponics market. They are actually among the biggest nutrient manufacturers in the UK.

Some of their products have made a big difference to many, many growers. For example, their Liquid Ice, which helps plants deal with heat stress, helps growers to keep having successful grows during the warm summer months. Its direct opposite - Liquid Heat - helps plants to keep growing during cold conditions. 

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