Emerald Harvest Nutrients

Emerald Harvest nutrients squeeze everything your plants need for optimal growth into only seven different products! The company, based in Santa Rosa California, factored in years of research and development to create a professional range that delivers amazing results with less effort. This makes it a great choice for both beginners and experts alike. Formulated with only premium ingredients, Emerald Harvest gives superb results in any grow media. Perfectly suited for either hand-watering or hydroponics. If you're looking to dip your toe in the water, why not try adding Emerald Goddess, Root Wizard, King Kola and Honey Chome in alongside your regular base nutrients - then prepare to be blown away by the meterioc results! For more information take a look at our Emerald Harvest blog.

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About Emerald Harvest Nutrients

The Emerald Harvest nutrient range was designed to for growers who demand the best possible professional results from a minimum amount of bottles. Monumental quality and yields are assured from this very highly acclaimed nutrient line-up. Squeezing out every last drop of a plants' genetic potential in both crop size and quality was the driving force behind these nutrients and boosters, all while keeping things simple with just a few bottles. If you are having a review of the feeds that you use then this brand deserves really serious consideration. Even the design of the bottles has been carefully considered in order to minimise spillage and dribbling when pouring out of it.


Emerald Harvest Base Nutrients

The Cali Pro base nutrients (available in Grow and Bloom versions) with highly chelated micro-nutrients provide the perfect foundation for your nutrient solution. Painstakingly designed and maticulously manufactured, The Cali Pro nutrient has built a fearsome reputation for growing the highest grade medicine. They are designed to allow the very best of a plant's gentics to shine through. All that along with simple feed charts and convenience. Simple, easy success is Emerald Harvest's mantra. Formulated from the very finest ingredients. The potential is enormous!


Emerald Harvest additives, when used at the correct dosages at the right times, take your plants' output to the next level.


Emerald Harvest Root Wizard

Root Wizard instigates a fantastic root system and protects it with a blend of 6 beneficial microbes that inoculate, protect and promote a huge root mass. The root system supplies the plant with all the water and nutrients that the rest of the plant needs. A healthier root system makes a better job of this so the size of the plant and the eventual yields are not limited by the root system.


Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess

Emerald Goddess is a potent biocatalyst plant tonic that encourages vibrant, healthy plants that are destined to deliver the goods. It contains all sorts of health and yield promoting ingredients such as triacontanol, natural plant hormones, alfalfa, kelp extract, humic acid, vitamin B1 as well as a host of other beneficial constituents. Emerald Goddess offers More yield and better quality produce are assured. 


Emerald Harvest King Kola

King Kola is a next-generation bloom booster and the only one of its kind that contains proteins from hemp in addition to supplemental phoshorous and potassium for vivacious flowering or fruiting. King Kola is best used alongside Honey Chome. While King Kola delivers the size and weight of the crop,


Emerald Harvest Honey Chome

Honey Chome amplifies aromas, resins and essential oil production. The creation of Terpine, Flavonoid and other Phytoceutical compounds become maxed out to ensure an unbeatable quality harvest.


Emerald Harvest Sturdy Stalk

To complete the Emerald Harvest line-up there is Sturdy Stalk, a highly absorbable silicon accompaniment which builds strength and disease resistance right the way through from the inside to the tips of the leaves. Silicon also increases photosynthsis and can therefore increase yields. 


Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag

Cal-Mag is a handy tool for those growers in soft water areas or for strains that are unusually hungry for calcium and magnesium.


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