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CX Horticulture

CX Horticulture (formally known as Canadian Xpress) is the brain-child of the brilliant Australian hydroponics expert - Mike Biggs. What Mike doesn't know about growing plants in hydroponics probably isn't worth knowing! All of the CX Horticulture products have been designed and developed by Mike to produce the biggest yielding crops of the highest quality, time after time. The nutrients are made using a process called "hot-fusion", which combines the highest quality organics and mineral feeds so that you get the best of both worlds! Brilliant products that really work - that's CX Horticulture!  Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

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CX Horticulture

Designed by the Australian genius - Mike Biggs. CX Horticulture utilises hot-mix (or smart-tech) technology to fuse organic and mineral nutrients together. The technique makes nutrients highly available, delivering outstanding results no matter what the system.

Smart-tech nutrients do not chemically force-feed your plants which results in soft plants which are vulnerable to pest infections and diseases. Nutrients by CX Horticulture are gentler in their delivery making them less likely to lead to deficiencies and therefore weak plants.

The technology is the culmination of development and painstaking research and hard work. CX Horticulture truly is amongst the finest nutrients out there. Huge yields and superb quality are assured.

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