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The Botanicare range is one of the most popular nutrient lines in the USA, and this is for a very good reason… Years of research and development have gone into every product to ensure that the ingredients are as soluble as possible. This has two effects: it makes the nutrients much easier for plants to absorb and ensures that there are no residues left on your equipment. This means that you can use Botanicare's organically derived feeds (like the Pure Blend Pro range) in hydro systems, giving you the best of two different worlds - the quality of organics combined with the yield of full hydroponics. Why not watch our video guide on How to Mix Base Nutrients in our Blog Here.

And don't forget to try out 'Sweet' - a unique product that intensifies flavours and aromas.

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About Botanicare

Botanicare are a nutrient company who are commited  to creating the finest nutrients and boosters for the growing community. Founded in Arizona over 20 years ago, they still supply some of the most popular nutrients on the market today.

Originally, the nutrients line was started around the organic Pure Blend line.

HoweverToday, they also have a semi-organic, high performance range called Kind. It still produces extremely high quality crops but the mineral part of the nutrients pushes the yields to a new level, while the organic component promotes delicious aromas and flavours.

On top of that, they have some very innovative additives and supplements. For example:

  • Hydroguard is a microbial root disease protector which really works.
  • Hydroplex is a flowering stimulator that provides a whole host of ingredients to increase yield and enhance flavours and aromas
  • Sweet is a carbohydrate additive, available in 4 varieties to bring a new dimension of flavour to your crop
  • Liquid Karma contains an array of natural ingredients which relieve stress and promote great plant health, particularly for mother plants. Is a great tonic for sick and stressed plants
  • Pure Blend Tea allows you to get fantastic organic flavours from your hydroponic grow

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