Indica Nutrients

Created in 2018, Indica Nutrients was made to fill the missing link within the Hydroponic and Indoor Growing industries which is the ability to produce the best harvests while doing it in the simplest way.

Indica nutrients believe in making it easy for growers and retailers alike to be able to grow with ease and have full confidence in using a product ‘the right way’.

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What makes Indica Nutrients so good?

Indica nutrients mission is to set new standards throughout the hydroponics industry with simple to use nutrients, along with providing all the help and resources you need in order to get the best out of your plants.

The Indica Nutrients product line is a one of a kind, containing everything you need for every stage of plant growth.

All of Indica nutrients formulations are unique and proprietary and the results of many years of research and development by their in-house scientists. Any grower using the Indica nutrient range can rest assured that they are using the optimum formulations made from the cleanest premium raw materials.

Indica nutrients manufacture every product themselves and never farm out production to third party formulators, this allows them to have full control over the quality of the products they create.

Indica Nutrients founder has been a UK grower since 1992 and has been exploring nutrient combinations ever since, this groundwork ensures that the reliability of the new indica nutrients formulas are bulletproof from the moment they are launched.

Indicia Nutrients bring customers a simple way to grow with key products, specifically designed to push your plants to their max to boost yield and flavour. From initial customer response, Indica Nutrients bring you several positive growth responses to your plants, increasing plant defence with products such as Indica Nutrients Stem Strength, it's great from the vegetative phase all the way through to flowering. The quality of the minerals inside of Indica Nutrients formulas are premium extracts which include the highest quality humic acids, beneficial microbes, fulvic and premium humid acid extract, and turn them all into one powerful plant tonic.

What're the best Indica Nutrient products?

Indica Nutrients Hindu Kush - Indica Nutrients Hindu Kush is a powerful and effective bio-stimulant which boosts yield and quality in your crop. It's uses seaweed hormones made up of potent humic and fulvic acids to add on additional plant weight. Triacontanol is also found in Hindu Kush to increase the number of flowering sites and increases plant weight - there's no better source of premium humic acid extract on the market. If you're looking to stimulate positive growth responses in your plants, Indica Nutrients Hindu Kush is the product for you.

Indica Nutrients Messiah - Messiah is an all in one base feed, making it an essential nutrient for those looking to really simplify their nutrient base feed schedule down to just one essential nutrient. It instantly instantly dechlorinates tap water too, giving it other fantastic benefits when using this in your feed schedule. It's highly concentrated form also means that you physically can feel the weight of the minerals in the bottle, backing up its fantastic performance.