Green House Nutrients

The team at Green House Nutrients, Amsterdam, have built up a reputation for being among the world's top specialist horticulturalists. They've sunk decades of their time and millions of euros into perfecting the art of indoor growing. With that kind of pedigree, you know that you can trust Green House Nutrients to deliver the results you're looking for.

To make life easier, the range has been kept as simple as possible, though there's something for every grower, whatever your choice of growing medium hydro, coco or soil. If you're looking for mineral feeds, just choose base nutrients to suit the stage of growth and the plant type. You've got the following options: Grow, Short Flowering, Long Flowering or Hybrids. Add in some Calcium if you're in a soft water area and use Booster when you progress through the flowering stages. Simple!

If you're more of an organic grower, take a look at BioGrow, BioBloom and BioEnhancer, which deliver impressive growth rates using natural ingredients. 

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