Ecolizer Nutrients

Ecolizer nutrients are made with 100% natural ingredients, giving you the perfect proportions of optimal biomineral nutrient to increase your yields and flavours with their food grade quality products. Ecolizer products don't influence the pH value of your solution, giving you minimal maintenance when you've mixed up a batch.

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Ecolizer Basics

Ecolizer basics a b is made from a complex formula, designed to provide your plants with all the nutrition they need, making Ecolizer basics fine tuned for every stage of growth. Ecolizer basics a b contains a mix of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus, giving your plants the perfect stable basic nutrient for food grade quality plants. Ecolizer basics is very cost affordable and goes a long way too, meaning it'll cost you less in the long run when using Ecolizer basics. Ecolizer basics comes in three sizes, a 1 litre, 5 litre and 10 litre.

Root-Up - Root Stim

Root-Up stimulates the absorption capacity of your root zone, ensuring a massive explosion of growth and nutrient uptake. It's made of fully natural ingredients such as concentrated seaweed and botanical extracts which are insanely good for your plants and your healthy soil life and healthy root system.

Grow-Up - Growth Stimulator

Grow-Up is an 100% naturally made growth stimulator, helping your plants to absorb more nutrients and in turn, increase yields. The bio-stimulator is created only with natural raw materials which aid your plants complex growth pattern.

Bloom-Up - Flowering Stimulator

Ecolizer bloom up stimulates your plants production of flowers and fruits using natural ingredients such as seaweed and other plant extracts, combined with enzymes and organic acids to create an insanely powerful flowering stimulator. It's also highly concentrated, making it go a long way.

Top-Up - Late Flowering Stimulator

Top-Up stimulates the maturing of fruits and flowers during the later stages of the plants life cycle. It's the perfect product to help finish off your fruits and get them as big and heavy as possible.

Bugs Away - Pest Control

Bugs-Away is a highly concentrated and effective means of pest control which is effective against spider mites, greenfly, thrips and whitefly. It's also effective against larvae and more mature and hardy spider mites. It's best used as a preventative, but will also treat any current infestations.