Aptus Nutrients

Aptus nutrients are a Dutch nutrient company that's been enabling growers to push their yields and quality with their powerful range of organic & organo mineral nutrients, worldwide.

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Aptus Products

Intense biological nutrition research has led to Aptus plant tech reaching amazing levels of performance, throwing away the idea of giving harsh synthetic chemicals to young plants and replacing it with bio based additives which help you grow plants the right way, providing solutions that provide optimal nutrient sequencing, larger fruit production and better yields.

Aptus Regulator

Regulator aids in the uptake of nutrients whilst strengthening the plants structure and increases the ability to handle environment stress (abiotic and biotic). Regular is the corner stone of all plant nutrition and acts as a transporter for all elements of your plants feed. It also reduces the effects of transpiration and increases resistance against salinity.

Aptus Startbooster

Startbooster is a specifically formulated organic root and growth stimulator. It's made up of 100% biological active ingredients while stimulate the root system and vegetative growth. When using Startbooster, expect enhanced root development and an improvement in stem thickness.

Aptus Topbooster

Topbooster showcases aptus plant tech with it's bloom boosting propertities to provide optimal nutrient sequencing throughout the flowering stage. It's 100% organic with active ingredients and triggers flowering responses in your plants. The fruits which are produced are bigger, more resinous and have more sugars, making them sweeter tasting and more aromatic. You'll see improved yield too, as flowering site production is increased due to the sugars stimulating more flowering sites, increasing maximum genetic potential.

Aptus Enzym+

Enzym+ is a very potent blend of enzymes which keep your root zone clean by removing dead matter and root residues. They also transform any saturated salts in your soil and convert them into a stable food source for the plants, stabling the EC in the process. Micro life stimulation is also increased and you can reuse soil/grow medium for more than one cycle, making it essential elements within the Aptus plant tech feed schedule.

Aptus Nutrispray

Nutrispray is used to treat deficiencies within your plant, giving you a quick treatment which is fast-acting and biodegrades within 10-15 days after use, providing optimal support for beginner and experienced growers alike.

Aptus System-Clean

System-Clean is a hard-hitting oxidizer that prevents microbial attacks from unwanted pathogens and cleans salt build up in your drippers. Unclean systems are a time-bomb for pathogens such as pythium to attack and kill your plants.

Aptus Boosters

Aptus nutrients Super-PK

A superior organo-mineral bloom stimulator, made up of 20% Phosphorus and 23% Potassium, mixed in with high quality L-amino acids.

Aptus nutrients N-Boost

N-Boost provides your plants with optimal amounts of nitrogen and left turning amino acids which are fully water-soluble and leave behind no residue.

Aptus nutrients P-Boost

P-Boost is a Phosphorus booster which contains organic acids that improve your blooming stages and stimulates the production of proteins, plant hormones and vitamins, increasing maximum genetic potential and cellular development within your plants.

Aptus nutrients K-Boost

K-Boost is an organo-mineral booster which combines L-Amino Acids with Potassium and Sulpher Trioxide.

Aptus nutrients CaMg Boost

CaMg Boost is an organo-mineral plant booster which prevents Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies while stimulating bigger fruit and plant development, making it key to a high-quality end product.

Aptus nutrients Fulvic-Blast

Fulvic-Blast is a complete micro element booster that's used to combat micro deficiencies and improves plant absorption of existing micro elements. It also breaks down nutrient salts and removes heavy metals.