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Nutriculture Amazon Aeroponic System

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  • Promotes extremely fast root growth and development
  • Great for experienced growers looking for a new challenge
  • Creates the most heavily oxygenated environment possible for roots
  • 4-pot and 8-pot versions come with 80mm net pots; 16-pot and 32-pot use 50mm net pots
  • Very little substrate required – roots grow in air and mist!
  • Generates hardly any mess - keeps the grow area clean and tidy
  • Made from high-grade, crack-resistant plastic

Delivers Unsurpassed Levels of Oxygenation, for Extremely Rapid Root Development

If your gardening skills are up to the job, then aeroponic systems are easily the fastest way to grow. This is because plants are suspended over a misted chamber, providing extremely high levels of oxygen to the rootzone. You'll need to keep a close eye on pH and EC readings, as there's no substrate to act as a buffer, but if you get aeroponic growing right, you'll be blown away by the results!


How the Amazon Aeroponic System Works

As you can see from the image below, there are three main components to the system: the reservoir (which houses your nutrient solution), the tray (which sits on top of the reservoir), and the lid (which sits on top of the tray).

The lid comes with holes that are used to suspend net pots. Roots grow down from the net pots and into the rooting chamber (the area between the tray and the lid), suspended in a heavily oxygenated environment. Nutrient is pumped from the reservoir and into the top chamber, spraying out from four sprinkler heads.

There really is nothing quite like an aeroponic system in terms of growth. This, however, comes at a price, and the Amazon system is only recommended for experienced growers who are prepared to keep a close eye on pH and EC readings. With other methods, the media acts as a buffer against nutrient fluctuations. When growing aeroponically, you'll need to keep your nutrients in the correct ranges at all times. Imbalances will cause issues much more quickly, giving you very little room for error. If you're in any doubt, then consider opting for a hydroponic system instead. Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems, for instance, offer many of the same benefits, but are easier to manage. If you think your skills are up to it, though, the Amazon will blow your mind.

It's worth noting that the pump comes with a filter to prevent materials from blocking the sprinkler heads. There's also a Correx cover that sits inside the gap between the reservoir and tray, giving you access to your nutrients, while reducing evaporation and potential contamination. There are even access points in the lid, which come with red hole covers. They're not shown in the image above, but can be seen in the main photos.

Dimensions (for all systems): 800mm long x 740mm wide x 400mm high

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1 x reservoir, 1 x tray, 1 x lid, 1 x pump, 1 x delivery systems with spray heads, 1 x draining pipe, 1 x Correx cover, net pots, red access hole covers, 1 x pH test kit

Recommended Additional Purchases

Nutradip Growboss Trimeter - allows you to monitor nutrient strength, temperature and pH in real time, at a glance.

How to Use the Amazon Aeroponic System

Use the image in the main desciption as a guide. It's just a matter of placing your reservoir in the right spot, connecting up the delivery system, laying the tray on top of the reservoir and laying the lid on top of the tray.


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