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Nutriculture Amazon 80mm Spare Net Pot

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  • Nutriculture – highly respected manufacturer of Hydroponic Systems
  • Aeroponics – enables incredible plant growth
  • Can replace damaged or worn-out net-pots
  • No mediums or substrates required – the roots grow in air and mist!
  • Very little waste to dispose of after harvest
  • Tough and strong

Nutriculture Amazon 80mm Spare Net Pot

A spare 80mm Net Pot for use with the 4 and 8 Pot Nutriculture Amazon Aeroponic systems

How the 80mm Spare Net Pot Works

80mm Net Pots are small plant pots made of strong and tough plastic that are perforated all over to allow plant roots to grow through and into the aeroponic environment. Plants are either grown in a substrate such as clay pebbles or coco until roots are showing on the outside or plants rooted into cubes are placed in a net pot and then placed into an Amazon aeroponic system where the oxygen-rich environment will enable the roots to thrive and grow incredibly quickly. Net Pots are robust and are re-useable as long as a little care it taken when removing the old plant.

How to Use Spare Net Pots

Plants or cuttings should be started off either in clay pebbles or coco in the net pot or grown into a propagation cube and then placed in the net pot. In either case there should be exposed roots coming out of the sides and bottom of the net pot before transferring it to the Amazon aeroponic system. Once in the Amazon system the roots will grow out and into the mist inside the grow-chamber. After harvest, the old plant can be cut out of the net pot, allowing it to be used again.

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1 x 80mm Net Pot

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