Nugz Flower Hardener - 1 litre

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  • Stimulates the rapid onset of the flowering stages
  • Helps to keep height down - great for people with limited headroom
  • Powerful hardener - toughens up fruits, piling on weight
  • Delivers great results in any medium or grow system
  • An ideal replacement for OG Rapid Flower and Hardener


Kick Starts the Flowering Phase and Turns Fruits Rock Hard

Nugz is an extremely potent flowering booster. Add it in the second week of flower and it will help to kickstart your plants into the bloom stages, keeping height levels down and increasing the potential for bigger and better fruits further down the line.

When used during weeks six and seven, it can help to further toughen up fruits, adding extra weight and increasing the size of your harvest.

It's no exageration to say that Nugz is one of the most potent boosters on the market, so it's important not to overdo it. Make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage. You'll notice a visible impact within days.



1 x litre bottle of Nugz

How to Use Kings Nugz

Nugz is suitable for all types of grow media - add it at a rate of 1ml to 2ml per litre of nutrient solution.

It's generally used around five to seven days after switching to a 12/12 lighting cycle, or once your plants have reached your desired height. Use it for a seven day period and then stop.

Nugz can also be used later on in the flowering stages. Add it during weeks six and seven to toughen up fruits and then give your plants a flush.

Aim for a pH of around 6.0.

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