Multi Pot Mega Pot Kit (4 x 16 Litre)

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  • Very easy to setup, just one float valve
  • Perfect layout for 4 x 16 Litre fabric pots
  • Pots are only raised 10mm off the ground for maximum headroom
  • Can be made modular for larger spaces
  • Can also be used with air curtains
  • Comes with Easy Feed timer to allow your plants to have their required dry-spell
  • Choose when to feed – hourly, daily, every 2 to 3 days, or even weekly!
  • Also allows you to select feeding durations, ranging from 1 minute to 2 hours
  • Ideal for growing in soil, coco or mixes like 60/40 (clay pebbles and coco)
  • Uses 13mm pipework, not the 4mm pipe used in comparable systems

A Low-Maintenance System that Offers incredibly Easy Setup with Fantastic Growth Rates!

A 4 pot 16 litre gravity fed system made for growers who like shorter plant cycle lengths.The Multi-Pot is an easy to use gravity fed system that uses just 1 valve to feed 4 plants.

How the Multi Pot Mega Pot Kits Work

Why go to the trouble of hand-watering when you can let the MegaPot System take care of it for you? The team at Megapot, who created the Multi Pot Mega Pot System, have noted the criticisms of other gravity-fed systems and developed a low-maintenance set-up that ticks all of the boxes. It provides the simplicity and ease of use of an Autopot or GoGro, combined with the growth rates and programmability of more complex systems, like the IWS Flood & Drain.

Fine-Tune Your Feeding Routine with the EasyFeed Water Timer

Other gravity-fed systems work using float-valves that refill trays with nutrient every time they run dry. This method of working may be more convenient than handwatering, but it has a big drawback, in that the grower loses control of the watering schedule. Dry periods can be as important as waterings, because these periods allow the rootzone to re-oxygenate. Rootzones that stay sodden for too long will slow down growth and are more vulnerable to diseases like pythium, which can ruin entire crops. With this system, you can choose your feeding times and durations using the innovative, battery powered EasyFeed timer. This will regulate the flow of nutrient from the tank, so that feeding occurs on a schedule that suits you, whether it be hourly, daily, every 2 to 3 days, or even on a weekly basis. You can also choose the duration – from one minute long to two hours long, if necessary. With the EasyFeed system, you maintain full control of your indoor garden.

Fabric Pots

Other gravity-fed systems come with old fashioned solid pots, whereas the MegaPot system is equipped with fabric pots. Solid pots create lower numbers of longer roots that circle repeatedly around the bottom of containers. Most of the substrate in your containers is often left unoccupied by roots, which is obviously a huge waste. Cloth pots fix this fundamental issue using something called ‘root-pruning’.

In root-pruning containers, roots grow towards the outer edges of the substrate until they hit the fabric sidewalls. At this point, the fresh air causes the end of the root to die off, and a new one is sent out from the centre of the root-zone. This triggers the development of a dense, radially structured mass of roots that fills every bit of space within the container. Breathable fabric also comes with other great benefits: it increases the level of oxygen around the rootzone, which accelerates the whole process detailed above, while allowing heat to dissipate more freely, keeping rootzone temps in the sweet spot. Stronger roots equal stronger plants. And stronger plants mean BIGGER YIELDS and a better quality end-product.

The fabric pots used are extremely high-quality and come with handles, so that you can turn your plants without disturbing root hairs and causing stress. Turning plants regularly will help to ensure that light reaches all sides, for even growth and better developed fruits. These pots naturally seal the substrate inside the container, whereas regular pots have holes in their undersides that can often allow bits of soil or coco to fall out. Fabric pots keep your grow room cleaner and tidier while preventing blockages.



How to Use the Multi Pot Mega Pot Kit

Place the Mega Pot 4 Pot tray in your desired location and then attach the included float valve into the base of the tray. Next you need to connect the included grey hose tail to the inlet of the float valve. The next step is to connect the green Easy Feed hose tail to the Easy Feed timer. The timer is now ready to be installed inline. To install the easy feed timer, simply connect the supplied length of white flexi pipe from the grey hose tail on the Mega Pot tray to the outlet of the White flexi tank reservoir. The final step is to cut the length of pipe, close to the outlet of the reservoir, leaving enough pipe to push in the barb on the timer inlet. This will then allow you to install the timer inline, from reservoir to the Mega Pot tray.

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