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130w Mother Plant CFL Grow Kit
200w Mother Plant CFL Grow Kit
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  • Our grow kits are comprehensive and contain high quality gear!
  • The quality branded items included are: BudBox Lite Grow Tent, LUMii Super Cool CFL, Euro Reflector, LUMii 24 Hour Timer, and an Agrolab Hygrometer
  • Don't be fooled by cheap kits on the internet that include poor quality components which wear out quickly, costing you money in the long-run
  • Heavy-duty reflector with highly polished, super-reflective surface
  • Money-saving deal over buying the items individually
  • All the essential items you need to start keeping mother plants
  • All the parts are carefully matched to work perfectly together

Speed Up Your Turnaround Times with a Mother Plant CFL Grow Kit!

Keeping mother plants is a great way to prep future generations of plants in advance, making your indoor garden much more efficient. The Mother Plant CFL Grow Kits have been carefully put together by the team at the One Stop Grow Shop and includes just about everything you need to start keeping mother plants. All the major parts of this kit have been chosen to match each other perfectly - they'll get you up and running in style!


1 x BudBox Lite 60cm x 60cm x 140cm (201645) or 1 x Budbox Lite 80cm x 80cm x 160cm (181510)
1 x 130w LUMii Super Cool CFL (765410) or 1 x 200w LUMii Super Cool CFL (765440)
1 x Mirrored CFL Euro Reflector (87642)
1 x LUMii 24 Hr Timer (87419)
2 x Easy Rolls & Hooks (85910/ 85920)
1 x Agrolab Hygrometer (85347)

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About the Mother Plant CFL Grow Kits:

This Mother Plant Kit includes everything you need to start keeping mother plants, which act as a source of plant material for rooting future generations of plants. To do this, mothers need to be kept in a permanent state of vegetative growth, requiring 18 hours of light per day. Leaves and branches grow freely under these conditions, which can then be used for taking cuttings. We’ve included a 60cm x 60cm x 140cm BudBox Lite Grow Tent to house everything, either a 130w or 200w LUMii Super Cool CFL to deliver light, a 24-hour timer to set your lighting schedules, Easy Rolls and an Agrolab hygrometer.

You’ll need to choose which growing method you’d like to employ, but you can get up and running for a very low cost by choosing a simple Pot and Saucer set-up, with soil as a growing medium and an organic nutrient, like Plant Magic Oldtimer.

We’d also recommend investing in an Extraction System, if your budget will stretch to it. This will help to get rid of excess moisture and heat, while bringing in a fresh supply of CO2.

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How to Use the Mother Plant CFL Grow Kits:

Please click on the product links above to read in detail about each individual part and how it is used. A brief summary is as follows:

Erect your grow-tent in the room in which it is to be used. Hang your Euro Reflector from the top of the tent using the supplied Easy Rolls and hooks. Screw the CFL lamp into the Euro reflector. Plug the reflector into your 24 hour timer. All you need to do is set the timer (usually 18 hours on / 6 hours off), plug the timer into the wall and switch on the power.

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