Mega Pot System (39 Litre)

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  • Gravity fed, no electricity needed
  • Base tray big enough to fit a 36Ltr Root Pouch
  • 25mm white reflective pipe with black inner to reduce temperatures and stop light penetration
  • Mega-Valve with a massive 10mm inlet hole to prevent any blockages
  • 10mm raised base with channels specifically designed to grip air curtains
  • Scalable from a single pot to 100's of modules
  • Circular design allows for the plant to be turned

MegaPot has Been Designed for Growers Who Want The Benefits of a Gravity Fed System and Prefer Growing in Larger Pots!

The MegaPot system allows growers to use 39 Litre pots to achieve bigger yields with fewer plants. The innovative design and intuitive features mean that with MegaPot, less is more.


How the Mega Pot System Works

Why go to the trouble of hand-watering when you can let the MegaPot System take care of it for you? The team at Megapot, who created the Multi Pot Mega Pot System, have noted the criticisms of other gravity-fed systems and developed a low-maintenance set-up that ticks all of the boxes. It provides the simplicity and ease of use of an Autopot or GoGro, combined with the growth rates and programmability of more complex systems, like the IWS Flood & Drain.

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1 x 36 Litre Mega Pot System

Recommended Additional Purchase

39 Litre Root Pouch

100 Litre Flexi Tank Pro

How to Use the Multi Pot Mega Pot System

Place the Mega Pot 36 litre tray in your desired location and then attach the included float valve into the base of the tray. Next you need to connect the included grey hose tail to the inlet of the float valve. If you're using multiple modules, repeat the process for each tray. Once all trays have had their float valves and hose tails attached, they are ready to then be connected to your reservoir's outlet using a combination of tee's and elbow's provided in the kit bags for each tray.

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