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Medusa Dripper Addon Kit - 8 Pot
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Medusa Dripper Addon Kit - 12 Pot
Medusa Dripper Addon Kit - 4 Pot
Medusa Dripper Addon Kit - 24 Pot
Medusa Dripper Addon Kit - 16 Pot
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  • Turn your Run to Waste into an automated dripper!
  • Reduces hassle - much easier than handwatering
  • Makes feeding large numbers of plants as easy as feeding a few!
  • Comes with Icetube Pipe - white-lined to cool your nutrient
  • Imperium Minute / Seconds timer included for precise feeding schedules
  • High-quality, branded parts - no cheap rubbish
  • Choose between 4 and 72 plant systems
  • Easy to upgrade and add extra trays if you want to expand later on
  • Utilises an IWS Flexi Tank - discreet, easy to transport, and quick to set up

Upgrade Your Run to Waste System to a Fully Automated Dripper

If you're running a Medusa Run to Waste System and you're looking to upgrade to a dripper set-up, then our add-on kits are perfect for the job. They provide you with everything you need to automate the irrigation process, allowing you to time feeding schedules down to the second! It couldn't be any easier - fill up your tank, make up your nutrients and let the system take care of the rest!

Please note: the product images do not display exact contents. The numbers of fittings and exact pump models will vary. See below for more info. Run to Waste Kits (including trays and brain) are purchased separately.


How the Baseline Tray Dripper Kit Works

Medusa Run to Waste systems make life easier by removing run-off and pumping it to a drain when required. Dripper systems push things even further by automating the feeding process at the same time. With the right grow medium (we recommend 60/4070/30 or coco), you'll get fantastic results with very little effort.

We've included suitably sized Flexi Tanks, which are easier to transport and store than regular tanks and can be assembled in minutes. The pump sits in the bottom of the Flexi Tank and pushes nutrient out towards arrays of dripper lines supplying each pot (two lines per plant). We've included professional-grade, high-pressure pumps to ensure that plants get fed evenly across the system.

Feeding schedules are fully programmable, thanks to the inclusion of two separate timers. The LUMii 24-Hour Timer chooses the rough feeding times and the Imperium Timer sets the durations. The Imperium Timer can be programmed down to the second, allowing you to regulate irrigation periods with pinpoint accuracy.

Icetube pipe is also included, which helps to prevent unwanted increases in nutrient temperatures. This maintains optimal levels of oxygen within the solution, reducing the risk of root disease and speeding up growth rates.

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13mm / 25mm Icetube Pipe (13mm for the 4-Pot, 25mm for the rest)

4mm Icetube Dripper Line

Blue Flood Arrows / Antelco Asta Arrows (Blue Arrows for the 4-Pot, Astas for the rest)

IWS Flexi Tank 

100 litre for 4-Pot

225 litre for 8, 12, 16, 20, 24-Pot

400 litre for 36-Pot;  750 litre for 48-Pot;  1000 litre for 72-Pot

Pump - MJ-1000 / Q2007 / Q4003 / Q50011

MJ-1000 for 4-Pot

Aquaking Q2007 for 8, 12, 16, 20-Pot

Aquaking Q4003 for 24-Pot

Aquaking Q50011 for 36, 48, 72-Pot

Assorted Fittings, Connectors and Anti-Siphon Valve

Imperium Timer Feed Duration Timer

LUMii 24 Hour Timer

How to Set Up the Medusa Dripper Add-On

See the video above for an overview of how these systems are put together. You can find more info at the One Stop Grow Shop Blog. Some of the components have changed, but the basic principle is the same.

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