Medusa Base Booster Baseline Trays

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  • Raises plants higher than regular Medusa Trays
  • Provides superior drainage compared to standard Medusa Trays
  • Can be used to raise particular plants in a system if there's an uneven floor
  • Deals with excess runoff, giving you extra crop-tending time
  • Connects to 13mm or 25mm pipe and fittings, with easy access to connections
  • Built from robust crack-resistant, moulded plastic

Raises Plants Higher than Regular Baseline Trays for Faster Drainage

Please note - the holes are now above the line on the tray

The original Medusa Baseline Tray was a giant step forward for nutrient run off collection and recirculating hydroponic systems using trays. Now the team at Medusa Hydroponics bring you the improved Baseline Booster Tray, which provides faster nutrient recirculation and run-off collection via its increased height. The Baseline Booster Tray comes into its element when used on uneven floors, by adding a Baseline Booster Tray you can regulate the height, making sure your nutrient run-off drainage is fast and consistent.


How the Baseline Booster Tray Works

When growing in soil or coco you're going to need to allow for around 10% run-off. Plants don't just absorb nutrients, they also produce waste products, this 10% of run-off allows your plants to discard the waste, benefiting the plants health and vitality in the long run. Liken this to, as a human, sitting in your own waste, your plant doesn't want to either! This run-off liquid has got to go somewhere, but unfortunately, in many cases, it ends up sitting around in saucers or trays. Roots hate sitting in run-off, it starves them of oxygen and opens up the doorway to crop-destroying issues like pythium (a problem you absolutely do not want to be dealing with).

The Medusa Baseline Booster Tray offers you the solution - it's a massive improvement over saucers and trays, and improves on the original Medusa Baseline Tray because it allows you to drain faster back to your reservoir, or down the drain. Another benefit of the improved height of the Medusa Baseline Booster Tray is that you can replace any Medusa Baseline Trays that occupy un-even ground. This helps to keep your canopy even, as it acts much like a booster seat in a car, increasing your height slightly to bring the overall canopy height further in-line. Inside the Medusa Baseline Booster Tray is a dipped area with a pre-drilled hole. Use this hole to connect to 13mm or 25mm pipe and fittings. Just fit a straight piece, an elbow or a tee piece (depending on the layout of your grow room), connect some flexi pipe and you're away.


Need any help? No problem, check out our Baseline Run-to-Waste Kits or the Baseline Dripper Kits for a fully functioning setup, or tell us what space you have and we can work on creating your dream set-up. Drop us an email at today.

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Baseline Booster Tray (choose your size)

How to Use the Baseline Booster Tray

The Baseline Tray can connect to 13mm or 25mm pipe and fittings, allowing you to design layouts that will suit any grow space. Soaking your flexi pipe in hot water for around 30 seconds to soften it will allow you to slide pipework on to your barbed fittings much more easily. 

The Baseline Tray was designed with flat edges that make leaks much less likely than they are with similar systems out there, but, for that extra piece of mind, it's good practice to secure the pipe that sits around fittings with hose clips, for a tighter fit.

13mm Fittings

IWS M25 Sealing Gland
IWS 13mm Universal Tee-Piece
IWS 13mm Universal Elbow
IWS 13mm Straight Piece
IWS 13mm Flexi Pipe
13mm Barbed End Stop

25mm Fittings

IWS Pro 25mm Tee Piece
IWS Pro 25mm Elbow Piece
IWS Pro 25mm Straight Piece
IWS Pro 25mm Rubber Washer
IWS Pro 25mm Plastic Nut
IWS Run to Waste Brain Controller
IWS Pro 25mm Flexi Pipe


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