Maxibright LED Aeroponic Prop and Veg Kits

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  • Features the super-efficient Daylight LED 200w veg light
  • Includes heated 12-site aeroponic propagator kit
  • Comes with an RVKRhino Pro extraction system and Variispeed Controller
  • Housed in a high-grade BudBox Pro - the perfect grow-space
  • Supplied with CO2 Fusion spray, for enhanced photosynthesis rates and rooting
  • Available with additional pots and media (soil or coco)
  • AirComfort included - monitor temps and humidity via bluetooth

The Fastest Way to Prepare Your Next Generation of Plants

These kits give you the tools you need to turn cuttings into fully fledged plants as quickly as possible. Use the Aeroponic Propagator to get roots growing in double-quick time, then pot your cuttings up and use the rest of the grow tent to push them to the next level. They feature the excellent Daylight LED 200w from Maxibright, which is tuned for veg growth, keeping internodes nice and tight, and making better use of the grow-space.


BudBox Pro (White) 75cm x 75cm x 160cm

4-Inch RVK

Variispeed Controller

Rhino Pro 100mm / 300mm

Duct Clip

4-Inch Fast Clamp

2m Mains Cable

5m 4-Inch Combi Ducting

6-Inch RAM Fan

Maxibright Daylight LED 200w

CarboAir Rope Ratchets x 2 pairs

12-Site Aeroponic Propagator

Tank Heater

CO2 Fusion Spray

Sterile Scalpel

Clonex 50ml

Air Comfort Bluetooth Temp / Humidity Sensor

Garland Tray (590mm x 590mm x 75mm)

Choose coco or soil versions and you'll also get:

1 litre Air Pruner x 12

BioBizz Light Mix 20 litre OR U-Gro Coco Brick (11 litre) x 2

How These Kits Work

Aeroponic Propagation and Veg Kits make it easy to prepare your next generation of plants. One of the most effective ways to improve grow room productivity is to add in a separate veg space, which gives you a head-start, saving you from starting each crop from scratch. This shortens your overall turnaround time, increasing the number of crops that you can expect to complete each year.

Maxibright Daylight LED 200w

Daylight LEDs are our best-selling grow-lights for a good reason: they deliver incredible results! They're super-efficient, with bright, full-spectrum outputs. This particular model is tuned towards the blue areas, making it ideal for veg growth. Just make sure that you turn it down when you first start off, working the power up gradually.

Rapid-Rooting Aeroponic Propagator Kit

With a 12-Site Aeroponic Propagator, tank heater, scalpel and Clonex, you've got everything you need to get cuttings rooted in record time. Instead of using rooting plugs, the aeroponic prop suspends cuttings over a misted chamber, which increases oxygen levels, promoting insanely fast root growth.

To speed things up even further, you'll also get a bottle of CO2 Fusion, which drives up rates of photosynthesis by opening up stomata. Try running a side-by-side test and you'll be blown away by the results.

BudBox Pro Grow Tent

The BudBox Pro 75cm x 75cm x 160cm grow tent is great for developing young plants. It allows you to get them up to a decent size without taking up too much space. It's packed with features and manufactured to incredibly high standards. You won't be disappointed!

Solid and Dependable RVK Extraction System

To keep things fresh, there's a 4-Inch RVK and Rhino Pro set-up. We've included a fast clamp, which forms a solid join between your fan and filter, making it easier to hang, as well as tear-resistant combi ducting and a Variispeed Controller to regulate output rates.

Performance-Boosting Extras

The AirComfort Bluetooth Sensor, which will help you to keep your environmental conditions within optimal ranges at all times. You'll also get a pair of CarboAir Rope Ratchets to hang your LED and a pair to hang your extraction system.

Optional Pots and Media

You can add in some Air Pruner fabric pots and media (soil or coco). Alternatively, you can choose not to include them and use your own.

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