MABO Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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  • Contains liquids that are harmless to humans, but deadly to fires!
  • Can be thrown at a wall and activated manually
  • Activates automatically when temperatures reach 84 degrees C
  • Deals with fires even when nobody's present
  • Allows you to leave your growroom with greater peace-of-mind
  • A fantastic long-term investment - comes with a 10-year shelf-life!
  • Features a wall-mountable holder (plus required screws & raw plugs)
  • One MABO covers an area of 12 - 16 square metres
  • Safe for use on wood, paper and textiles
  • Safe for use on flammable liquid fires
  • Safe for use on gaseous fires
  • Safe for use on electrical fires

The Magic Fire Killer!

It's every grower's responsibility to ensure that their indoor garden operates safely, so a fire extinguisher is a must-have item for every growroom. The trouble is, typical fire extinguishers require an operator. In a situation where a fire develops and there's nobody around to deal with it, they're of very little use. The MABO Automatic Fire Killer, however, is self-activating - just mount it to the wall using the supplied bracket, and it will spring into action whenever the temperature climbs above 84 degrees centigrade, bursting open and spraying out its fire-killing contents. We wouldn't grow without one.

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1 x 580ml MABO Ampule
1 x Holder
2 x Screws
2 x Raw plugs

Dimensions (with wall mount):
9cm x 31cm x 6cm

Please read the supplied instruction sheet carefully before doing anything. It provides essential safety info as well as a guide to the correct installation. As a quick summary, the MABO needs to be installed above the area with the biggest fire risk, at a height of 2 metres, so that the contents will properly cover the most risk prone area. Just below ceiling level is common practice.

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