Luxx Lighting - Luxx DE 1000w HPS

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  • The bulb is included (Luxx Lighting 1000w HPS 2000k)
  • Over 98% high reflective aluminum
  • Perfectly even footprint for even canopy growth
  • 10ft 240V NEMA 6-15P power cord 15A 
  • NX-1 Lighting Controller compatible for maximum control
  • 3 Year warranty

Designed In Los Angeles, Cultivated Worldwide.

Luxx Lighting is a group of hands-on, southern California cultivators that believe, “If you don’t do it, you don’t know it”. We are constantly testing, and when we find what works best, we challenge ourselves to make it better. We design products based on data and performance. As the technology changes, we will continue to be innovative in lighting the path ahead.

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How the Luxx DE 1000w HPS Works

The Luxx Lighting 1000w DE HPS fixture is the result of thousands of harvests, decades of cultivation experience, and passion for the garden. Every component of the DE 1000w was purpose-designed and built from the slim-line reflector to the low profile ballast, this fixture was designed with the grower in mind. For the past decade, growers have been utilizing greenhouse fixtures indoors. The DE 1000w is the new standard for indoor cultivation. By growers, for growers.


1 x Luxx DE 1000w HPS & Power Cable

How To Use The Luxx DE 1000w HPS

Simply hang the combined ballast & reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height using rope ratchets. Run the power lead from the reflector to a standard UK mains outlet or your contactor and switch on.

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