Luxx Lighting - Luxx 645w LED Pro

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  • Foldable design for easy access
  • 10ft 240v cord NEMA 6-15P with a 240-110v plug adapter
  • Bolsters an output of 2.67μmols per watt
  • The Luxx LED grow light has 6 bars for a perfectly even footprint
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Optimised to produce the goods in a 1.2m x 1.2m grow tent
  • UL / ETL Listed
  • Manual & Auto Dimming settings - use alongside the Luxx NX-1 controller for maximum control
  • Plug & Play design
  • 5-year warranty for peace of mind

Designed In Los Angeles, Cultivated Worldwide

How the 645W Luxx LED Pro Grow Light Works

The LUXX 645 LED PRO is made up of Samsung horticulture whites and Osram reds. These companies lead the field in LED Research & Development, delivering high efficiency, reliability and performance. The LUXX 645 LED PRO deploys a lens angle of 120 degrees, from a 6 bar design, with a total of 2,226 diodes. The unit includes a 10 foot long 240v cord NEMA 6-15P with a 240-110v plug adapter.

The LUXX LED PRO grow light features manual and auto power adjustment. Delivering the flexibility to dim the unit down to 40% total power for lower photon intensity, without affecting the quality of the spectrum

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1 x Your chosen model of Luxx 645w LED Pro & Power Cable

The V3 features a folding system which takes the size down of the unit to be able to fit into a car for easier transportation and isn't required to be delivered on a pallet. Please note neither light will fit into a loft space.

How To Use The Luxx 645w LED Pro Grow Light

When cultivating under LED lighting, a grower might be tempted to try to use similar methods as growing under HPS. This strategy can lead to frustrating results due to the environmental differences, higher usable lighting levels and subsequent higher photosynthetic rates that stimulate growth with less room for error. The focal point of heat created by a bulb also helps burn off latent load (RH) which doesn’t occur with a properly built LED fixture, which diffuses heat into the ambient environment created a more evenness to environment but also can cause higher relative humidity. Also, with LEDs more input energy goes into creating light rather than heat (which is the case with HPS).

The Luxx LED produces almost 2.7 µmols/W of PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). This huge amount of light stimulates very high photosynthetic rates, leading to high transpiration rates (and a higher demand for nutrients), which adds more water into the room and increasing the relative humidity. When specifying a dehumidifier it’s important to match the dehumidification potential with the volume of water added. With LEDs, it is safe to assume that the peak water demand per day will be 1 gallon per sq ft of canopy. Remember this is PEAK water demand. Daily water demands will in reality be lower and depend a lot on pot size, the type of plants, and plant age. For example, a 2-week-old plant will require less water than a 6 week-old plant.

Because of the higher photosynthesis and growth rates, plants that recieve a higher ppfd will require more food. It is recommended when first cultivating under LEDs, for the grower to match PPFD levels used under HPS and make gradual increases of both light and fertilizer PPM during subsequent runs. It is also recommended that the grower uses a quality PAR meter that measures PPFD (umol/m2/sec) to know the intensity of the light they are giving the plants.


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