LUMii Lift - Adjustable Hangers (Pair)

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  • Rock-solid, high quality equipment hangers
  • Supplied with carabiner hooks for ease of use
  • Strong cords, 1.0m long at full extension
  • Adjustable clutch-tension for different weight reflectors
  • Eyelets for easy hanging from ceiling hooks
  • Suitable for most reflectors up to 10Kg

LUMii Lift - Adjustable Hangers (Pair)

LUMii Lift hangers make raising or lowering the height of your reflector an absolute doddle! Get rid of the clanking chains and the knotted string – try a pair of LUMii Lift Hangers today!

How LUMii Lift Hangers Work:

LUMii Lift Hangers are easy-to-use spring-loaded cord-dispensers. Each unit has a carabiner hook at the end of a 1.0m cord, which is used to secure your chosen equipment in place quickly and easily. Unlike other models, you won’t have to spending time tying knots in the cords to hang equipment. When the cord is pulled or weight is put on it, the adjustable hanger will allow the cord length to be increased. When no tension or weight is applied to the cord, the adjustable hanger winds the cord back into itself. A wing-nut on the side allows the user to adjust the clutch-tension which sets how much weight needs to be applied before the adjustable hanger will begin to dispense cord. With your reflector attached and the clutch-tension set correctly, the LUMii Lift hanger will allow easy height adjustment by gently lifting the reflector up or gently pressing it down. When no weight or lift is applied, the Lumii Lift Hanger maintains its set-position.

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1 x pair of adjustable hangers

Using LUMii Lift Hangers:

LUMii Lift Hangers are suitable for almost all reflectors up to 10Kg in weight. The main exceptions to this are the Euro, the Adjust-A-Wings and the Adjustable Reflector as these are a little too light for the these hangers to operate effectively. For these and other lightweight reflectors we would recommend our Rope-Ratchet Hangers.

To fit the LUMii Lift Hangers simply hang them from appropriately spaced ceiling hooks or fittings. Attach the end of one cord to one of your reflector and the end of the other cord to the other end of your reflector. Adjust the clutch tensions so that when the reflector is not being touched, it hangs without going up or down by itself. Perfect clutch-tension is achieved when a slight lift raises the height of your reflector and a slight push down lowers it but when it is not being touched it hangs securely at the height that it has been set at.

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