LUMii Aerotube 600w Grow Light Kit (6")

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LUMii Aerotube 600w (6") - Pro 600w 400v Digital Dimmable
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  • Thick glass exterior with lightweight, heat-proof plastic housing
  • Connects to a six-inch extraction system
  • Helps to control grow room temperatures
  • Choose between multiple lamp and ballast combinations

Reduce Heat Levels in the Grow Space

Aerotubes deliver a better environment by pushing the hot air that's generated by your lamp away from the canopy. This allows you to get your lights closer to your plants while making hotter conditions much easier to deal.

How the LUMii Aerotube Grow Light Kit Works

Aerotube (and cooltube) reflectors reduce the risk of heat damage caused by high-intensity discharge lighting without costing a fortune. We stock a selection of lamp and ballast combinations. If you're on a really tight budget, go for the magnetic package. It will certainly get the job done, but if you can afford to, we would always recommend investing in a digital ballast. Optilux digital ballasts are a huge improvement over magnetics and they're still incredibly cost-effective. They're more efficient, putting less heat into the grow space and they feature 'soft start' technology, which prevents issues with 'in-rush currents'. They're also adjustable, allowing you to alter output levels when required.


1 x 6” LUMii Aerotube Reflector with 4m IEC lead
1 x Ballast of your choice
1 x 600w HPS Lamp, to complement your choice of ballast

How to Use the LUMii Aerotube Grow Light Kit

Aerotubes can be used in a number of different ways. You'll need to make sure that you have at least 200 m3/hr of airflow for each 600w lamp to maintain optimal cooling. Bear the 'drag factor' of carbon filters or intake filters in mind when you spec your fans. Always position your duct fans before your grow lights; never after, or the heat may damage the motors and cause issues.

We only recommend using Aerotubes with carbon filters if you are running a single light. If you are running more than one light, then it's better to use an intake filter instead. You can then duct the air back into your room (away from the canopy) and use a separate extraction system to tackle the heat.

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