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LUMii 1000w 400v Digital Grow Light Kit

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  • Incredible 1000w performance for a low price point
  • A cheap price but quality, reliable components
  • Switchable between 600w, 750w, 1000w and 1100w
  • 400v high frequency technology

High powered 1000w quality components that don't break the bank.

The LUMii 1000 Watt Lighting Kit gives you professional level, powerful 1000w lighting at a cheap price. A study, cool running 1000w 400v ballast powers a double ended LUMii HPS lamp and is switchable between  600w, 750w, 1000w and a boost setting up to 1150w! A euro style reflector pushes light down to your plants, it's highly reflective dimpled aluminum surface distributing the light evenly and eliminating hot spots.This is the perfect kit for a cost consious grower looking to get the most out of their plants and is ideal to cover a 1.5m x 1.5m area.

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How to use the LUMii 1000w Watt Lighting Kit:

Start by putting your lamp in, this is tricky when your reflector is hung so it it best to do it prior to hanging. Make sure the connection clamps on the euro reflector are fully open, and the tabs are pushed towards the outside of the reflector. Get your lamp, being careful not to touch the glass and identify the end with the 'getter '- a small solid square of metal with a circle in the center, you'll find it at the top of one ends of the lamp (please see additional image at the top of the listing for help).

Once you have identified the getter, place this end of the lamp into the positive contact on the reflector (with the cable coming off of it). Push the lamp into the connection, this will give way around a 1/4 inch and allow you to slot the other end of the lamp into the opposite connection. Please note the connection is quite tight, you may find it necessary to gently pull apart the opposite connection to place the lamp in correctly.

Now look into the connections, and using a thin object carefully push the wires to make sure they are seated between the two metal connectors either side - failing to do this may cause unexpectedly short lamp life or failure. Using a cloth, twist the lamp 90 degrees (if the cable is on the right of the reflector, you'll need to twist towards yourself) this will lock the lamp in place. Finally, push the two 'locks' on the connection clamps inwards to fully secure your lamp. Hang the reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height. Our Easy Rolls (Pair), Rope Ratchet Hangers or Jack Chain are ideal for this. Make sure that the lamp is clean and completely free of fingerprints, and other contaminants. Finally, make sure that your reflector is hung at the correct height.

Place your ballast in a conveniently close location on a flat, firm surface (not carpet). Try to choose a well-ventilated place near to an electrical mains outlet. Even digital ballasts can run warm/hot in use and should never be covered and there should be no combustible items in the vicinity. Connect the input lead of your reflector to the output lead or socket on the ballast, ensuring the cable is not pulled tight and does not contact anything that will become hot during use (e.g. lamp, reflector, ballast). Use the power-output switch to select the desired output wattage. The ballast will start-up and light the lamp.

Many plants need a certain light schedule to trigger particular stages in the plant's life-cycle. For example, many plants require about 18 hours of light per day for solid vegetative growth but later in their life will require a regular 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day to trigger the plant's flowering or fruiting stage. If you are unable to attend your garden on a regular (& punctual!) basis to turn the lights on and off at the right time, then it is highly advisable to use something to do the switching for you. Check out our range of Time Switch & Contactors.

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