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Loadstar - LED Grow Lights

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  • Low-cost LED grow light - represents incredible value for money
  • Choose between 630w and 680w models
  • Full spectrum, high intensity lighting with an even footprint
  • Foldable design, making it easy to transport and store
  • Huge 50,000 hour lifespan - over 11 years use on a 12/12 cycle
  • External 0-10v smart controller ports
  • Dimmable straight out of the box, with 4 output settings

High-Power LED Performance with a Cost-Effective Price Tag

The LED-Star by Loadstar provides you with a powerful way to get up and running with LED technology. WIth a perfectly even footprint and an output of 2.6 umol per watt, it's great for beginners or for those looking to get up and running on a budget.

LED-Star Key Features

The LED-Star offers many of the features you've come to expect from spider style LED fixtures for a fraction of the price. It delivers a full-spectrum light output that your plants will love right the way through the vegetative growth  and bloom stages. At 2.6 umol per watt, it performs brilliantly, sitting alongside other units that are in higher price brackets. It's dimmable straight out of the box, and there even ports to allow you to connect up a controller if needs be.

The spider style design spreads diodes out over multiple lighting strips, which produces a superior light spread. This is a much better way of doing things than using a reflector to direct light from a central point (grow lamp). There are hinges in the centre that allow you to fold the unit up, making it much easier to transport and store than many other spider style LEDs.

With a lower cost price, these units are great for growers running rooms with larger numbers of lights.


1 x Loadstar 630w Grow Light or 1 x Loadstar 680w Grow Light

How to Use the Loadstar LED Grow Lights

Setting the unit up is a quick and easy process. First off, you'll need to mount the two ballast supports.

You can then fit the ballast to the supports.

You'll notice a cable that needs connecting up (from the ballast to the main body). Connect this up.

Mount the unit in your grow space using the four hanging points, one in each corner on the top of the frame. Plug the power cable into the ballast.

Connect the other end to a suitable timer, contactor or relay.

Choose your output setting using the knob on the ballast.


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