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Kingfisher Plant Labels - 50 Pack

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  • Manufactured from robust plastic
  • Resistant to mould and fungus
  • Keeps your garden organised

Kingfisher Plant Labels - 50 Pack

Kingfisher Plant Labels are the perfect way to keep your indoor garden organised. It’s always advisable to keep plants labelled if you're growing multiple species or strains at the same time, and especially so when growing in larger numbers. A good grower is an organised grower!

How Kingfisher Plant Labels Work:

Plant labels are a simple and effective way to organise your garden. Because Kingfisher’s labels are made from robust plastic, they won’t attract mould and fungus as wooden markers sometimes can when exposed to moisture for prolonged periods.

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50 x plant labelling sticks

Using Kingfisher Plant Labels:

The only thing required to make full use of this product is a fine point permanent marker and some accurate information about your plants. A fine point marker is preferable, as it will allow you to record more information in a smaller area. Details you may wish to include could relate to plant species / strain, transplanting dates, feed regimens, etc.

Once you’ve written your information down on the top section of the label, simply use the pointed end to push down into the substrate by a couple of inches. Kingfisher labels work well in pretty much every growing medium, perhaps with the exception of clay pebbles. For this purpose, Kingfisher labels also have an eyelet which can be used to hang the label from a suitable branch of the plant using a piece of nylon thread or a length of thin gardening wire.

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