Jumbo Drying Net 8 Tier

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  • Collapses flat for easy storage
  • Easy to use – just hang from a hook
  • 8 large compartments
  • Quality, non-absorbent netting and stitching
  • Large hole mesh for good air movement and fast, thorough drying
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Jumbo Drying Net

Our Jumbo Drying Net is a collapsible sock with 8 big shelf compartments for drying your plant and herbs. After use, the Jumbo Drying Net collapses flat for easy storage until it is needed the next time.

How the Jumbo Drying Net Works:

The Jumbo Drying Net is a great solution to the problem of how to dry large quantities of herbs, flowers and other plant material quickly in small space. The Jumbo Drying Net quickly and easily opens out from flat into a 1.5 metre (5ft) tall drying net with 8 large compartments.

The Jumbo Drying Net has a fabric strap to hang it from. The netting is non-absorbent so that it doesn’t absorb moisture from the plant material and become a breeding ground for mould. The netting has large hole mesh, allowing lots of air movement which helps with quick, even and thorough drying.

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1 x Jumbo Drying Net

600mm (23.5 inches)

1350mm (4.5 ft)

How to use the Jumbo Drying Net

The Jumbo Drying Net needs to suspended from a hook point at least 1.7 metres (5.5ft) off the floor. The fabric strap on the top of the Jumbo Drying Net is hooked over your chosen fitting and the net will open out like a concertina. The 8 compartments have netted sides to keep everything inside and each has an 8 inch wide access hole. Spread your plant material out as evenly as possible throughout the drying rack because large quantities of damp plant material lumped together can still be a breeding ground for moulds and bacteria.

After use, simply unhook the Drying Net from your hook point and lower it to the floor. The shelves will concertina together to make a flat ring for easy storage.

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