IWS R-DWC Pro Undercurrent System - With 25mm IWS Flexi Pipe

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  • IWS (Intelligent Watering Systems) - top British Hydroponics Systems Manufacturer
  • Delivers extremely rapid growth rates by super-oxygenating roots
  • Saves time – mix only one set of nutrient for multiple bubblers
  • Promotes rapid growth and development
  • Delivers enormous yields
  • Your choice of either 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 24 or 36-pot systems
  • No mess - requires very little growing medium
  • Comes with a Flexi Tank - easy to transport and store
  • Intelligent 'Brain Pot' takes care of topping up each bubbler
  • Highly adaptable, thanks to its modular design

Super-Oxygenates Root-Zones! Delivers Massive Yields with Minimal Maintenance

The IWS R-DWC system gives your plants a constant flow of perfectly mixed, high oxygen nutrient. The results have to be seen to be believed: you can expect an abundance of growth, faster nutrient uptake, and thick, healthy root masses. Nutrient is added to the main tank, making maintenance a doddle, and constant circulation means well mixed nutrient and a stable pH level. Unlike other R-DWC systems available One Stop Grow Shop gives you 25mm return pipe to further reduce blockages.

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How the R-DWC Works

Deep water culture (DWC) is a popular growing technique where roots are suspended in net pots over heavily oxygen infused nutrient solution in what is commonly referred to as 'bubbler'. Using deep water culture as a growing method has a long list of benefits, including rapid growth rates and increased yields. R-DWC takes the principle of DWC and improves on it by creating a current that runs through each container, maximising oxygen levels while keeping nutrients evenly mixed. Nutrients can still be drawn back to the reservoir tank in order to make adjustments.

This kit is supplied with the new Flexi Tank system, an innovation in water storage. The Flexi Tank has been tested to absolute destruction and has never faltered yet. They offer all of the functionality of a standard water butt, but they can be packed away into a tiny space. They're easier to transport and can be stored in a fraction of the area that typical reservoirs can. IWS are heavily behind the Flexi Tank and we can see why.

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  • IWS Full Function R-DWC brain pot with integrated Grasslin timer
  • IWS 25mm Flexi Pipe
  • IWS Flexi Tank with full pipe assembly (225 litre with 4-pot, 6-pot and 8-pot, 400 litre with 12-pot, 16-pot and 18-pot, 750 litre with 24-pot and 36-pot) - Please Note - this system currently comes with AutoPot Flexi Tanks, performance and quality will not be affected
  • IWS Pro Elbow, Tee and Straight connectors with IWS Nuts and Washers
  • IWS R-DWC Oxypot 3.0 (Amount dependant on system size)
  • Heavy Duty Net pots

How to Use the R-DWC

Please note: Our grow systems are designed to provide years of trouble free use, but for complete peace of mind, secure pipework that's joined onto barbed fittings using jubilee clips or cable ties, and place run-off trays / floor secure sheeting underneath the system. It's much better to be safe than sorry.

Hose clip for use with 13mm flexi pipe

Hose clip for use with 25mm pro flexi pipe

Run-Off & Work Trays

Floor Secure Sheeting


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