IWS Humidity Dome

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  • IWS – top British Hydroponics Manufacturer
  • Increases humidity around cuttings while they develop roots
  • Allows you to put fresh cuttings straight into your IWS Hydro System
  • Adjustable breather lets you control the level of humidity
  • Can be used with other grow systems with a similar pot size and shape

IWS Humidity Dome

A large Humidity Dome that fits over the top of IWS Outer Pots and many other similar-size plant-pots, for helping to nurture young plants and cuttings.

How the IWS Humidity Dome Works

The IWS Humidity Dome retains moist air around plants. An adjustable breather on the top allows the grower to control the level of air exchange with the outside air.

By keeping the air around newly rooted or rooting cuttings humid, they will remain hydrated and healthy until their root system is big enough to provide enough water for the plant to live in dryer air without the humidity dome. Usually 2-4 weeks is sufficient, depending on the stage of the plant and it’s individual growth characteristics.

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1 x IWS Humidity Dome


Height - 25cm

Width - 34cm

How to Use the IWS Humidity Dome

The IWS Humidity Dome is used by simply placing it on top of the pot over a rooting cutting in a working grow-system. For the first few days the breather should be closed or almost completely shut to keep as much moist air around the plant as possible to prevent it from dehydrating. Remove the dome once or twice a day to allow fresh air in and to help prevent moulds from forming. Misting the plant with water with a pistol spray-gun will also help the plant to survive and flourish at this difficult point in it’s life.

Using other products such as Canna Rhizotonic may help the plant to stay healthy and to root faster. As the root-system grows the plant will begin to be able to hydrate itself from the water in the root-zone and the control on the top of the Humidity Dome can be adjusted to allow more fresh air in and reduce the humidity inside. Once a plant has an established root-system the humidity dome can be removed altogether and the plant grown on it’s own.

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