Hyper Fan Stealth & CarboAir Filter Extraction Kit - Combi Ducting

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Silent Hyper Fan & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metre White Combi Ducting - 6" (150mm) 560m3 p/h
Silent Hyper Fan & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metre White Combi Ducting - 8" (200mm) 1230m3 p/h
Silent Hyper Fan & Carbo Air Extraction Kit - 5 Metre White Combi Ducting - 10" (250mm) 1840m3 p/h
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  • Hyper Fan Stealth - extremely quiet relative to the air that it shifts
  • Built with powerful, 9-pole, electronically commutated (EC) motors
  • Generates extremely high static pressure levels
  • Pays for itself by delivering ridiculously high levels of airflow per watt of electricity
  • Lightweight aluminium fan housings - a doddle to hang
  • Now controllable from 0% to 100%
  • CarboAir Filters - designed to maximise airflow, and quality approved by Systemair
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty on the Hyper Fan
  • 18-month manufacturer's warranty on the CarboAir Carbon Filter
  • Combi Ducting included - lightproof and made to last
  • Supplied with fast clamp and duct clip for an ultra-secure connection

Featuring the Redesigned V2 Hyper Fan Stealth, for Greater Airflow and Higher Static Pressure

Stealth Hyper Fans come with an extra layer of casing and dampening foam to keep sound levels to a minimum, making them ideal for anybody who's concerned about excess noise. V2 models move even more air than the originals, and they do so while using very little power, so they'll save you an absolute fortune on your energy bills. They come in compact, stylish, lightweight steel casings that make them a doddle to hang. V2 Hyper Fans can also be used with a larger selection of fan controllers than V1 models (see below for more info).

Please note: V2 Hyper Fans are not compatible with Multi Phase Hyper Fan Controllers.


How the Hyper Fan & CarboAir Filter Kit Works

This kit includes a V2 Hyper Fan Stealth which improves on the original Hyper Fan by delivering even greater levels of static pressure, increased airflow and a higher degree of controllability (from 0% to 100%). V2s are also compatible with a larger selection of controllers, which now includes the EC Fan Speed ControllerEC1 and EC5.

The CarboAir Carbon Filter attaches to your Phresh Hyper Fan using the supplied fast clamp - air gets sucked through the 55.5% outer layer of mesh and through an internal layer of carbon before passing through your fan. CarboAir filters utilise coarser carbon in thicker beds than competing carbon filters. This increases the contact time for eradicating smells, whilst maintaining maximum airflow.

Combi Ducting is provided as standard, which is more robust than regular aluminium ducting and also fully lightproof.

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Which Size Kit Do I Need for My Grow Tent?

Find out the volume of your grow space in cubic metres: width x length x height = volume

For example: 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.0m = 2.88m3

You'll need to have the capacity to replace this volume of air once per minute. Multiply the volume figure by sixty to work out the airflow needed per hour.

2.88m3 x 60 = 172.80m3

Carbon filters add some extra load to your fan. To account for this, multiply the required airflow by 1.2, which will give you some spare capacity.

172.80m3 x 1.2 = 207.36m3

Note that it is always better to over-spec your fan and regulate it with a controller. This gives you the flexibility to increase output levels if temperatures rise. 

6" (150mm) 560 m3/hr (Hyper Fan) with 150mm/330mm CarboAir 600 m3/hr Carbon Filter
8" (200mm) 1230 m3/hr (Hyper Fan) with 200mm/660mm CarboAir 1700 m3/hr Carbon Filter
10" (250mm) 1840 m3/hr (Hyper Fan) with 250mm/660mm CarboAir 2000 m3/hr Carbon Filter

How to Use the Hyper Fan & CarboAir Filter Kit

You can find more information on setting up extraction systems by checking out the "How to Set Up Grow Tent Ventilation" post at the One Stop Grow Shop Blog.

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