Hydrotops - Solo Boost (Soil)

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  • For sale in Cannock & online only
  • One-part formula, especially for soil or compost
  • Perfectly pH balanced, primarily used for the flowering cycle
  • Fully organic
  • Boosts flowering sites and improves fruit formation
  • Can be used in veg as an all-in-one growth stimulator
  • Available in three sizes

Boost your Blooms with Hydrotops Solo Boost for Soil

Hydrotops Solo Boost is an organic formulation specifically made for use with soil or compost. Hydrotops Solo Boost increases nutritional levels of two of the three core elements required for vigorous growth and bloom. When applied from the first week of bloom onwards, Hydrotops Solo Boost increases the amount of Phosphorous and Potassium present in your media, whilst ensuring your plants are able to assimilate the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins and acids to boost flowering site and fruit formation before and during the bloom stage.

How Hydrotops Solo Boost Works

During the late veg and early flowering phase, your emphasis shifts towards creating as many flowering sites as possible, to increase yields and encourage profuse flower and fruit formation. By adding Hydrotops Solo Boost to your nutrient feeding regime, you'll boost the number of flowering sites immensely on your plants, whilst stimulating correct nutrient assimilation thanks to its pH balanced formula. When added during the fourth and fifth weeks of the bloom period, Hydrotops Solo Boost also helps to harden and tighten flower sets, creating even larger flowering tops and heavier crops.



1 x bottle of Hydrotops Solo Boost (choose your size above)

How to Use Hydrotops Solo Boost

Use Hydrotops Solo Boost from the first week of growth onwards at a rate of 1ml per litre, this will boost upward, healthy growth in the vegetative period alongside Hydrotops Solo Grow. To use in the flowering period, dilute at a ratio of between 2ml and 5 ml per litre depending on your current week of flower, alongside Hydrotops Solo Bloom, before finishing with a large dose of 10ml per litre as a flushing agent to tighten and harden blooms.


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