Hydrotops - Flower Feed

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  • Eases plants into the flowering stage from the vegetative stage
  • Tailor-made for flowering plants 
  • Aids flower development
  • Supplies extra amino acids and enzymes when plants need it most
  • Can be used in conjunction with all Hydrotops products
  • Works especially well with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop to create extra flowering sites
  • Comes in two sizes

Boost Blooms and Increase Yields with Hydrotops Flower Feed

During the first few weeks of the flowering cycle your plants' nutritional requirements increase and change significantly. It is critical that these changing needs are met head-on, as it is at this point that a crop's true potential can be unleashed. Hydrotops Flower Feed is designed to ease your plants into flower from the vegetative stage and provide the correct range of nutrients, amino acid chains and enzymes to further flower development. Hydrotops Flower Feed also lays the ground work for Top Heavy Crop to complete its work, making numerous flowering sites in preparation of a bumper harvest to come.


How Hydrotops Flower Feed Works

Foliar feeding is a well-established practice in commercial horticulture for very good reason. Spraying with feed supplies additional nutrients, amino acids and enzymes directly, where plants needs it most. Hydrotops Flower Feed supplies these critical elements quickly and effectively to the leaf's surface, allowing for extra assimilation of key nutritional benefits on top of what the roots can supply. Hydrotops Flower Feed helps to ease your plants from the vegetative stage into the flowering stage, while boosting flower development. When combined with Top Heavy Crop the two work collectively to produce extra flowering sites, while keeping the plant bio-chemically balanced. 



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How to Use Hydrotops Flower Feed

To make up a litre of Hydrotops Flower Feed, mix together 100ml of Flower Feed to 900ml of tepid tap water and allow to stand for 30 minutes. Spray plants lightly to the point of run-off.

Please note: Only spray your plants with foliar feed at low light levels or when lights are off, preferably at least an hour before lights come on. Spraying when lights are at full intensity can scorch the leaves. Always store Hydrotops Flower Feed away from strong light sources and never mix Flower Feed with other products administered as a spray.


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