Hydrotops - Custom Grow (Hydro/Coco)

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  • For sale in Cannock & online only
  • Two-part formula specifically for made for coco / hydroponic medias
  • Promotes maximum nutrient assimilation in the root zone
  • Custom formula, tailor-made for your water supply
  • Helps plants develop strong branches and abundant foliage
  • Use with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop to shorten veg times, boost vigour and increase flowering sites
  • Comes in three sizes

Customised for Maximum Nutrient Assimilation and Abundant Green Growth

Send Hydrotops a sample of your water to get your nutrients and additives tailor-made (details below)! This allows for complete assimilation (uptake) of the minerals found inside the base feeds supplied by Hydrotops without the worry of nutrient lockout and/or pH fluctuations, for the fastest growth rates possible.

Hydrotops Custom Grow is a two-part coco / hydroponic formula, designed for the vegetative stage of a plant's life-cycle and tailor-made for your water supply. This balanced nutrient encourages large-scale branch development and abundant foliage, as well as promoting maximum nutrient uptake, as growth during this stage makes all the difference when it comes for to flowering. When combined with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop, Hydrotops Grow creates even more flowering sites and boosts vigour, ready for final stages to come.


How Hydrotops Custom Grow Works

Just like all Hydrotops products, Hydrotops Grow has been developed to encourage maximum nutrient assimilation, meaning every last scrap of nutrition will be taken up by your plant. This extreme growth uptake during the vegetative phase creates large, green, lush plants with super strong branches, which will be required when heavy flowers start to form. Growers using Hydrotops Grow can also add Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop, in the vegetative stage of growth. By adding the Top Heavy Crop you will see a upsurge in vigour and tight node development, helping to shorten the vegetative cycle, whilst simultaneously boosting vigour.


1 x bottle of Custom Hydrotops Grow (choose your size above) designed for your water supply

Why Choose a Custom Formula?

The majority of hydroponic nutrients sold in the U.K are produced and then imported from Europe, therefore they are designed for hard water conditions, typically found in mainland Europe. If you live in a hard water area then this may not be an issue, however if you live in a soft water area then these hard water designed nutrients can play havoc with your water source. These problems arise due to certain minerals already being present in the water to start with, and these very minerals vary in deposits from area to area. Generic nutrient brands therefore rarely produce a balanced working nutrient solution to begin with. Unbalanced nutrient solutions often lead to deficiencies and/or pH issues, all of which lead to less than optimal results.

Hydrotops first began to address this issue back in 1996, producing nutrients tailor-made to a customer's water supply after receiving a tap water sample. The water sample is analysed at the Hydrotops facility and refined nutrient blend, perfectly balanced to your starting water.

How to Use Hydrotops Custom Grow

Use Hydrotops Grow A and B at a rate of 3-4ml per litre. If using Hydrotops Head Start, slowly increase the EC level of Hydrotops Grow slowly once the plants are more established for a stress-free transition from seedling growth to fully vegetative growth.

Please note: In order to create a custom feed, we will required a sample of the tap water you intend to use. Simply contact our dedicated customer service team to acquire a sample bottle on 01782 749955 or email us at customerorders@onestopgrowshop.co.uk. Once filled, send the sample back to us or bring it in store and we will send it off to Hydrotops. Each bottle has a unique ID and a certificate to go along with it, which will need to be filled in by yourself prior to sending the sample off for testing. Once the sample is received by Hydrotops they will create a nutrient feed suited to your starting water. When the nutrient is ready, it will be shipped back to One Stop Grow Shop where you can collect it in person or it can be shipped to you directly.

Hydrotops and One Stop Grow Shop work hard to ensure you get your nutrient as fast as possible. Lead time from getting your water sample in store, sending it off for analysis and getting the nutrient back to you is typically done inside of 3 or 4 working days, as this is a custom product you should be aware of this turnaround time frame from sample to nutrient feed, so order in advance to ensure a constant supply.


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