Hydrotops - Bloom (Hydro) A&B Hardwater

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  • Two-part formula specifically for made for hydroponic mediums
  • Promotes maximum nutrient assimilation in the root zone
  • Helps plants develop fruit/flower sets and aids essential oil production
  • Use with Hydrotops Triple F, Floral Boost and/or Top Heavy Crop to increase flower size and quality
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Please note - 25L size will arrive on a pallet

Please Note: This is the formulation for Hardwater areas. A Softwater version is also available

Developed for Maximum Nutrient Assimilation and Abundant Flower Production

Hydrotops Bloom is a two-part coco/hydroponic formula designed for the flowering stage of a plants life cycle. This balanced nutrient encourages large-scale fruit or flower development and aids essential oil production. When combined with Hydrotops Triple F, Floral Boost and/or Top Heavy Crop Hydrotops Bloom helps to provide the bedrock for maximum nutrient uptake at this critical stage, giving your plants the fuel they need to succeed. 

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How Hydrotops Bloom Works

Just like all Hydrotops products, Hydrotops Bloom has been developed to encourage maximum nutrient assimilation, meaning every last scrap of nutrition will be taken up by your plant. During the transition between the vegetative cycle and the flowering cycle the nutritional needs of your plant change drastically. Hydrotops Bloom is designed not only to aid the development of numerous flowering sites and boost essential oil production but also to smooth the process between these two stages seamlessly, by supplying nutrition reflecting these changing needs. By easing your plants into flower this way nutrient uptake remains high, keeping the plant happy and healthy during this change over period.


Your choice of size of Hydrotops Bloom (Hydro) for Hardwater Part A & Part B (choose your size above)

How to Use Hydrotops Bloom

Use Hydrotops Bloom A and B at a rate of 3-4ml per litre during the flowering period. When transitioning between the vegetative cycle and the bloom cycle use the guide below to ease your plants into the flowering stage.

Bloom week one - 75% Hydrotops Grow (3ml per litre) / 25% Hydrotops Bloom (1ml per litre)

Bloom week two - 50% Hydrotops Grow (2ml per litre) / 50% Hydrotops Bloom (2ml per litre)

Bloom week three - 25% Hydrotops Grow (1ml per litre) / 75% Hydrotops Bloom (3ml per litre)

Bloom week four - 100% Hydrotops Bloom (3-4ml per litre)


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