House & Garden Magic Green Foliar 250 Mls

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  • Created by a top Dutch manufacturer – House & Garden
  • Use diluted – makes up to 25 litres of spray solution.
  • Returns a lush green colour to plant leaves
  • Creates a wax barrier over leaves to help prevent insect and fungal attacks
  • Strengthens leaf-veins and aids photosynthesis
  • Perfect for use with the range of House & Garden nutrients and additives

House & Garden Magic Green Foliar 250Mls

Give your mother plants and cuttings a boost with House & Garden’s Magic Green Foliar. Designed to revive the natural colour and vitality of tired-looking plants


How Magic Green Works

House & Garden Magic Green Foliar is designed mainly for use on mother plants and unrooted cuttings in their early stages of growth right the way to established rooted plants. Magic Green Foliar strengthens the internal veins within the leaves, reviving their natural green colour and boosting vitality. Magic Green Foliar helps restore the plant’s natural balance which aids photosynthesis and health. Magic Green Foliar leaves a thin wax coating over plant leaves which makes it difficult for pests and moulds to take hold.


250 millilitres of House & Garden Magic Green Foliar concentrate

Using House & Garden Magic Green Foliar

House & Garden Magic Green Foliar can be used in all types of grow-systems and with any substrate. Simply add 10ml to 1 Litre of water and mix well. Using a spray-gun set to a fine mist, apply the solution liberally and thoroughly to both sides of all the leaves on your plants, from top to bottom. This product is not intended to be a root-feed and should not be added to soil or hydroponic reservoirs.

Used as directed and in combination with House & Garden nutrients and additives, Magic Green Foliar will make your greener and more vibrant than ever before.

House & Garden Magic Green Foliar recommended dosage – 10ml/Litre as foliar spray.

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