Hellion 750w UHF Lamp

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  • Replaces the lamp found with the Adjust-A-Wings Hellion
  • High-grade Japanese arc tube with crystal quartz jacket
  • Delivers exceptional yields, thanks to its heavy concentrations of red light
  • Utilizes 400v technology on a 230 volt domestic mains supply
  • Has a longer lifespan than regular HPS lamps - lasts for 12 months!
  • Excellent photon efficiency of 2.10 umol / Joule

Replaces the Lamp Found with the Adjust-A-Wings Hellion

This 750w, double-ended lamp is highly efficient, turning the vast majority of the energy supplied to it into usable light in the red areas of the spectrum.

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1 x 750w double-ended Hellion lamp

How the Hellion 750w Lamp Works

This a replacement for the lamp found with the Hellion fixture, which combines professional 400v greenhouse lighting technology with the excellent Adjust-A-Wings reflector.

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