Guard 'n' Aid - DiatoMITE - 500g

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Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE is a naturally occurring solution for all insect problems. Containing no harmful pesticides, it not only protects plants, it aids in their growth and development as an anti-caking feed additive. The silica present in Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE provides the plant with energy and reinforces its ability to protect itself against stress. It’s an all-round solution to any crawling insect problems that leaves you with a clear conscience, great environmental credentials and bigger, better plant life.  

How Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE Works

Formed from diatomaceous earth -- a naturally occurring silica based soft rock. It works by drawing away the moisture essential for insect life alongside fats and oils making an inhospitable environment for insects to develop.


1 x 500g bottle of Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE

How to Use Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE

Apply Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE liberally to leaves and surrounding plants, alongside directly to insects or near to insect activity such as on lawns, soil, window frames, cracks and crevices during dry conditions. Wet environments reduce effectivity so reapply if weather or environment becomes damp. As well as solving established issues it keeps away insects and forms a shield for your plant life.

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