GSE Fan Speed Controllers

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  • Choose from a range of controllers, each with different features (outlined below)
  • Regulates fans according to temperature levels in the room
  • Allows you to regulate negative pressure and humidity on certain models
  • Helps to maintain an optimal environment, for faster growth rates and healthier plants
  • User friendly - very easy to set-up and use

Simple & Effective Fan Speed Management and Temperature Control

GSE fan speed controllers adjust the speed of your extraction system to keep grow room conditions regulated in real time. Choose from an array of models that each come with their own benefits, including humidity settings, hysteresis (responsiveness) and negative pressure settings (altering the difference between your intake and extraction).


How GSE Fan Speed Controllers Work

GSE Temp & Minimum Fan Speed (1 Amp)

The simplest controller in the range, with a single socket for an out-take fan. It features two knobs: one sets the room temperature and the other sets the minimum fan speed.

GSE Temp & Max / Min Hysteresis Speed (2.5 Amp)

This controller is the bigger brother of the model mentioned above. It comes with the same features, but also includes two extra knobs. One of these knobs regulates the maximum fan speed. This is useful when running a larger fan than needed because you can prevent it from hitting its full capacity (if necessary). The other knob allows you to set the hysteresis. Think of hysteresis as 'responsiveness'. It tells the controller how far conditions can deviate before fan speeds are altered.

GSE Temp & Negative Pressure (2 Amp)

There are two sockets on this controller: one for an intake fan and one for extraction. It comes with three knobs: one for setting your desired room temperature, one for the minimum fan speed and one for the 'negative pressure setting'. When you have negative pressure, it effectively means that you're pulling more air out of the room than you are drawing in, which is useful for containing smells. In this instance, the negative pressure knob regulates the difference between your intake and extraction. The further to the right you turn this knob, the more negative pressure you will have. Turning it all the way to the right will turn your intake off altogether.

GSE Humidity, Temp & Negative Pressure (3 Amp)

This unit is similar to the model mentioned above, but it also comes with a humidity setting. Choose your setting and the controller will regulate fan output according to both temperature and moisture levels.

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1 x GSE Fan Controller. Use the dropdown to select the model.

How to Use the GSE Temperature and Minimum Speed Controller

Full instructions are included with these controllers. They are all plug-and-play and very easy to use -  all you really need to do is plug your fans into the controller, and then plug the controlle rinto a wall socket. Choose your settings and you're done. Just make sure that total current of your fan equipment (in amps) doesn't exceed the one specified for each controller.


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