Growth Technology - Aqua Burst (Wetting Agent) 1 Litre

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  • Growth Technology – professional quality products for professional results!
  • Wetting Agent – a highly concentrated & non-ionic wetting agent
  • Reduces the surface tension of liquids
  • Allows foliar-sprays to more completely and evenly wet a leaf
  • Greatly improves absorption of foliar nutrients
  • Makes your foliar sprays go further – use less and achieve better results
  • Greatly increases the effectiveness of foliar feeds, health sprays, pesticides & fungicides,
  • Perfect for use with other Growth Technology additives & boosters

Growth Technology – Aqua Burst (Wetting Agent) 1 Litre

Growth Technology Aqua Burst (Wetting Agent) is a highly concentrated wetting agent which lowers the surface tension of liquids and allows them to spread over a surface instead of forming droplets. Adding a few drops of Growth Technology’s Wetting Agent to any foliar spray allows it to coat leaves more thoroughly and makes it easier for your plants to absorb nutrients. Growth Technology Wetting Agent makes your foliar sprays more effective and go further.

How Growth Technology – Aqua Burst (Wetting Agent) works:

Growth Technology Wetting Agent is a highly concentrated additive for foliar sprays. Adding just a few drops of Wetting Agent greatly reduces the surface tension of water and other liquids. Water and most other liquids on their own have a tendency to form droplets when sprayed onto a leaf or other surface. When Wetting Agent is added, this tendency is removed and the liquid will spread over the surface more completely and evenly. This not allows less spray to be used but also increases the effectiveness of the spray too. Nutrient sprays are more easily absorbed and pesticides/fungicides cover more of the leaf’s surface, making sure that they get to where they are needed. Wetting Agent is non-ionic which means that it is not mineral based and it won’t leave any residues of it’s own. On top of that, Wetting Agent won’t harm friendly microbe colonies living on the leaf. Great product!

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Growth Technology – Aqua Burst (Wetting Agent) 1 Litre contains:

1 Litre of Growth Technology – Wetting Agent

Using Growth Technology – Aqua Burst (Wetting Agent):

Growth Technology Wetting Agent can be used with virtually any type of foliar spray to make it more effective and to help make it go further. Simply add 15-30 drops (approximately 1ml) to each litre of spray and mix it thoroughly. Spray your plants from top to bottom ensuring the tops and bottoms of the leaves are thoroughly wetted. Make sure that no liquid makes contact with your grow lamp. The ideal time to spray your plants is in low-light conditions or when the lights have just gone out for the dark period. This helps to avoid leaf-burn due to intense light hitting wet leaves.

Growth Technology – Wetting Agent dosage for foliar sprays: 1ml/litre .

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