HOMEbox Grow Tents

HOMEbox tents provide hobby & professional growers with a strong and stable foundation to grow. Their futuristic and modern grow tent design allows them to be placed in a kitchen or bedroom and fit in with their surroundings. As far as grow tents go, the quality on it is top notch and is a great edition to the One Stop Grow Shop tent range.

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What features make the HOMEbox ambient so good?

HOMEbox Modern Design

The HOMEbox ambient brings you the most premium quality tent in our offering. The HOMEbox ambient brings a stylish design which perfectly fits into most modern homes, giving you a pleasant aesthetic look and a tent designed for modern professional growers.

The HOMEbox canvas is made of a very thick and durable polyethylene material which gives your tent a huge lifespan. The interior of the HOMEbox ambient is a white lined PAR+ lining, providing your plants with a higher amount of useable light, leading to increased yields and bigger plants. The PAR super lining (HOMEbox PAR+ material) is a 'smart material' which reflects more plant usable light and less heat towards your plants, giving faster growth in the HOMEbox.

The blackout zips on the HOMEbox ambient provides your area with complete darkness during the lights off period due to its total blackout zippers, keeping your photo periods in check without the addition of velcro flaps.

The HOMEbox ambient contains 'OmniFlow' vents which can be direct-able, allowing you to push new areas into the places that need it most, giving you a super productive grow box for pushing every aspect of your grow further.

The HOMEbox ambient comes with an abundance of ventilation ports which are all fitted with bug mesh to keep out pesky insects.

HOMEbox Build Quality

The HOMEbox ambient is made with high quality materials; the poles are power-coated for long lasting protection whilst holding your heavy extraction and lighting systems.

The HOMEbox ambient also gives you full reassurance with their customer promise. Every tent comes with a unique ID number stitched inside of it, if there's issues with your tent, you can get in contact with HOMEbox and they'll send out a replacement.

HOMEbox ambient sizes

The HOMEbox ambient gives growers a massive range of sizes, some of which aren't covered in other ranges such as the BudBox Lite or BudBox Pro range, giving growers even more control over their grow space. From 1.2x1.2m HOMEbox ambient q120's to the HOMEbox R80S (0.8m x 0.6m x o.7m), there's something for everybody.