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Plastic / Reflective Grow Room Sheeting

Turning an entire room into a grow-space is easy with a quality reflective grow room sheeting. Simply paint the ceiling and walls with brilliant white emulsion and then hang your choice of grow-sheet around the walls. This will squeeze every last bit of efficiency from your lamp, getting more useable light to your plants, greatly increasing the efficiency of the grow-room and, ultimately, MAXIMISING YIELDS!

Reflected light is so important to your growing success that we refuse to sell anything but high-quality material that's manufactured in either the UK or the USA. All of our grow room reflective sheeting is branded and represents the best of its type and pricepoint. Don't be fooled by inferior, knock-off versions which are less eficient and will cost you £££s in the long run. Choosing the best grow room sheeting you can afford is a smart decision that will prove to be worthwhile come harvest time.

Tip: Use our tough, white Floor-Secure Sheeting to guard your grow-room floor against spills and leaks, and it will also make your grow-room even brighter and more efficient!

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